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  1. Hello! I am new and figured I would introduce myself. My name is Kimberly and I’m from the USA. My husband is in the US Navy and im a supervisor at a drug store. For a while now we have wanted to get a dog but didn’t know what kind we wanted, or if it was even the right time in our life to get a dog! But I was scrolling on Facebook and saw a tiny puppy at my local animal shelter! It was a Doberman mix (my husbands always wanted one), so we decided to go check him out the next day the shelter was open (We had to wait 3 whole days! It was agony)! When we got there and asked about that particular dog, we found out that he already was adopted. We were so disappointed but we decided that we would go look at the other dogs they had even though we didn’t think we would get one that day. When we walked past the other dogs, we saw 3 beautiful 4 month old white blue eyed husky puppies! They kept “taking” to us and jumping on the fence and were just too adorable. I told my husband that there was no way that they haven’t been adopted yet, absolutely no way!! But we went back inside and asked anyways and to my surprise, they had just been surrendered and none of them had applications in on them yet! So after playing with them for a bit and being super torn on which one was a good fit, we settled on my little Nova. She is such a sweetheart and is so smart and has been picking up on everything we try and teach her so quickly. Unfortunately I did find out from someone who recognized her that her previously owner treated the puppies horribly and that has had some lasting effects on her that we are working on. She is scared of men, luckily my husband has since mostly won her over, but any men she doesn’t know she cries and hides from them. She gets scared when my husband raises his voice. She didnt know how to play with toys at all. And a he will not chew her food, only inhale it, because the man fed all the puppies out of one tiny bowl that they had to all share. I’ve made it my mission to make her life as absolutely wonderful as it can be. And to help her forget everything that’s happened to her. 💕
  2. I got my husky from the shelter at 4 months old and was incredibly worried about how she would react to my cat, but to my surprise she could care less about the cat. The way I introduced the two of them is I had the cat in his carrier and the dog in her crate and sat them next to each other. The cat had never met a dog before because I had him since he was a kitten so he did a lot of hissing and growling but the husky completely ignored his existence. Another thing we did was we have a dog play pen and we put the dog in the playpen with the cat outside to let them adjust to each other’s movements and after a while we switched them with the cat inside the playpen. That way they could get each other’s scents. The car now is only scared and hisses if the husky moves too quickly near him but other than that they are good and my husky pretends he’s not even there. I suggest going very very slow if you think your husky might hurt the cat. Put them on other sides of a door that way they can’t hurt each other but can smell each other. And slowly work up from that. I wouldn’t move right to seeing each other because that might be to much for the dog. Start with smells and slowly work up to looking at each other from a safe distance.
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