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  1. UPDATE: So I bought a Thundershirt at the local PetSmart. Sorry to report it was 100% useless for our Luna. She was climbing the walls, anxious and panting like crazy while neighbors shot off fireworks. The ThunderShirt had no affect. In fact, it may have actually increased her anxiety as she continually rubbed against furniture trying to get it off. I was really hopeful that it would reduce her anxiety, but it simply did nothing for her.
  2. Thanks for the tip! I had forgotten about Thunder Shirt - might see if I can get one locally.
  3. Our Luna, adopted female about 3 years old, is VERY sensitive to fireworks and loud noises. If she hears any fireworks, she starts shaking and will try to climb up in my lap like a little kid. Does anyone have any suggestions for helping to keep her calm(er) this coming 4th of July when I know there are going to be lots of fireworks?
  4. Ha! That's the opposite of our Luna. She's a big baby when fireworks are going off. She tries to climb up into my lap!
  5. Our Luna is our first Husky. Long story, but we adopted her when she wandered into our yard a couple years ago (there's more to the story, but that's for another post at another time). Anyway, she will lay on the bed with my wife all day long. She usually lays in my spot (I usually come to bed much later than my wife). But she will absolutely not lay on the bed when I'm in bed. In fact, when I come to bed, even though we would not mind her sleeping any the foot of the bed, she will just get up and move off the bed and go lay on the floor. I don't force her off - it's like she knows that she is in my spot and just gets up and moves with no coaxing. Interestingly, if she is scared (like when fireworks are going off), I'm the one whose lap she tried to climb into! Any idea why she will not lay on the bed if I'm there?
  6. Jan 3rd 2020 - Sleeping in the hallway outside my office.
  7. Our lovely new girl, Luna, loves her sister cats. In fact, even though Luna has a perfectly good, large water dish next to her food dish, she regularly drinks from the cats' water dish.
  8. Lunas_Dad

    Bark Box

    Bark Box comes once a month and usually includes two new toys and some snacks (treats). Our Luna LOVEs Bark Box toys and gets very excited when a new box arrives. Here is a picture of a few months' worth of toys. They are made very sturdy and so far she hasn't destroyed any of them (not that she hasn't tried) PS: Looks like UK has something similar: https://uk.vivadogs.com
  9. Lunas_Dad

    Bark Box

    My sister bought us a 6-month subscription to Bark Box. Luna LOVES the new toys she gets every month. Anyone else subscribe to Bark Box? We're debating whether to continue it once the "gift" subscription expires.
  10. I'm just curious if it's standard behavior. We've never had another dog that would do this. Guess we have a lot to learn about Huskys. One thing I know for sure - she is a very smart girl!
  11. Our new Husky, Luna, will lay at the foot of the bed with me, or she will lay in bed with my wife, but not both. If my wife is in bad and Luna is laying on the bed with her, Luna will just get up and move off the bad as soon as I start to get into bed. I don't have to move her, or command her - she just will get up on her own and move off the bed, usually to a padded chest that is at the foot of the bed. Any ideas why she would exhibit this behavior?
  12. Had a question about our new Husly's behavior and was looking for a Husky forum, so did a search on Bing for "Husky forum" and up this popped.
  13. Hello all, I'm new to this forum so guess I should introduce myself. I'm retired twice: First as an AF Officer (24 years) and then as an Engineer/ analyst (20 years) and my wife is a retired dental hygenist. We have always had dogs in our family as long as I can remember, to include several Boxers, a Black Lab, a German Shepherd and a Jack Russell. However, when our Jack Russell, Rocky, died about 6 years ago, it was the first time in 44 years of marriage that we were without a dog - just two cats. We had talked about getting another but llife got in the way and we hadn;t gotten around to it. Anyway, in 2017 we started talking seriously about wanting to get another dog in our lives and were debating what kind to get. Boxers were high on the list since we'd had several in the past and always loved them. Well, in Sept 2017, when I returned from town (we live out in the country), as I was getting out of the car, a beautiful Husky just walked up to me. She was very friendly and calm, but she had no collar or tags. We thought she might have a chip, so we decided to put her in our rather large dog run in the back and then we would take her to the Vet in the morning to check for a chip. Well, we found out that Huskys are escape artists as the following morning she was nowhere to be found. We were sad of course, but life went on. Then, fast forward a year later, to this past September 2018. My son and Daughter-in-Law had come over to visit and as they were getting out of the car, all of the sudden, there she was again - waiting to greet them! This time, we kept her in the house and then took her to the Vet the next morning. Turns out she did have a chip! Great! Anyway, the vet contacted the owner via the number registered with the chip. Turns out, the guy who owned her had moved out of state due to a new job. He said he had given the dog to someone but he couldn't remember the contact info for whoever he gave her to. Now we can't prove this, but between you and me, we have a sneaking suspicion that, not being able to take her with him, he may have driven her out to the country and just dumped her. Anyway, he agreed to let us keep her and we were able to transfer the chip data to us as the new owners. We had never even thought about a Husky, but now that we have her in the family, we are hooked! She is extremely smart, gental and loyal. Just a great dog! She has one blue eye and one brown eye and her (new) name is Luna (There was a full moon the night she showed up the second time and the one blue eye reminded us of the moon). I'll try to attach a picture.
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