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    Yes a house keeper is a thing not just from Sherlock Holmes, I cook, clean, gardener and maintain a property and lifestyle of a young professional.
    I have rescued animals for years but I stopped about two years ago and concentrated on the long term residents that had major health issues, my favourite a young terrier called Gandalf passed away and I had been distraught for over a year then my partner decided for my birthdya this year it was time I got my dream dog a Husky. We found a Husky Collie cross desperately needing a home and thats how we got Alaska.
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    Animals, Cooking, Sculpture, Gardening, DnD, Gaming, Walking

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  1. Poor baby she is so beautiful, thank you so much for taking her home and taking care for her.
  2. I have three cats and four dogs one being a husky and another being a Lurcher, both big on the ol prey drive, my cats have lots of shelves they can escape to and we have our dining room set up as a dog free zone with baby gates that the cats can retreat to, I haven't had any problems yet as no matter where they are in the house if the Lurcher or Puppy start to chase they can easily leap onto something. I recommend a dog free room for your cats with their fave stuff in, also some extra shelving with some carpet secured to it doesn't have to be fancy just have grip and be out of reach.
  3. Ex-actually a poodle doesn't have the same care needs as a Husky, its like comparing apples and oranges, also thanks for the compliment for Alaska we both appreciate it
  4. Google I just typed husky forum and boom there you were.
  5. I already have one of those will try it on her because she definitely doesn't like anything shaped like a brush. Thank you
  6. Thanks everyone for being so understanding, I know I should be patient just her coat came to me matted as hell and she was covered in her own feceas, we actually showered her twice, tried brushing it out then had to have her sheered, her fur was a good few inches and is now bairly a inch. I really dont want her getting that matted again which is why I am wanting to brush her so quickly. I really really cannot thank you enough for the advice, I have had other dogs rescues we have a lurcher that has scars all over her and came to us in a bad state but this is a puppy and she goes from fine
  7. It also doesnt help that I am her second home, she was rehomed to me, I just want to be the best I can for her, I worship her already and dont want to screw up a thing.
  8. Hi there my names Cat and I am a 35 year old Housekeeper from the great old city of Cardiff in Wales. Now for the fun part. My partner decided Alaska was a good name.... apparently we are a celebrity couple doing that place naming thing *rolls eyes* She is 8 weeks old, her last owner lived in a tiny flat, was told he couldn't keep her and needed her out ASAP. I joined to read about others Huskies, to avoid some toxic Facebook groups that I tried and left within a hour (apparently your not allowed Huskies unless you have had them before, very gatekeepery, nasty with other n
  9. I am determined to brush Alaska every day.... not the state.... my dog. However she is just as determined to not be brushed, I want to get her to enjoy it, any tips for long term Husky owners as I have only had her two days and treats dont seem to work, she bucks like a peeved donkey. Also please dont be concerned I have had dogs since I was a child and I am now 35, had a rescue for over ten years of all types, just normally treats during brushing work but for Alaska not so much.
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