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  1. Hi! Not sure if this is the right place to post this, I’m new here but thought this would be a good place to ask questions! I have a 2 year old male, who has been an excellent sleeper since he was a puppy (our breeder taught us awesome tricks for sleep training) lately he has been acting completely normal during the day (playing, eating, napping, etc) and at night when it’s time for me, my husband, and our German Shepherd to go to bed, the husky decides he needs to climb on top of us and stand on our pillows and paw at us. Normally he will do this for about 10 min then get off the bed and fall asleep. Last night he did it all night and did not actually fall asleep until 5am. Has anyone had this behavior before?! I am pregnant, so I don’t know if he is sensing the baby or if that is even a thing! Thanks in advance!!!
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