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  1. Good morning, just a quick one... Kodi is turning one year old in a few days and out of all three of the puppies he is still really boney around the hips and pelvis, his 2 sisters seem to have plenty fat and you cannot feel the pelvis or hips at all unless you really try. Kodi however remains very boney at the back end. Is this because he’s male and they develop at a different rate? He’s so slender compared to his sisters but eats the same kibble etc He towers over them in height though and is about half a foot longer than them. he is a bit of a picky eater, we do manage to get a few cups into him by way of games and stuff if he Shows no interest in his food, just wondering if this is normal and if he’s just missing muscle mass and fat since he’s still a young dog? thanks
  2. Haha I like lucifer, not sure the wife will though 😂
  3. Hi everyone, we really need help with a name, we can’t agree on anything! 😫 he’s a handsome little dog and just 5 weeks old right now, we don’t bring him home for another 4 weeks but we’d like an unusual name that compliments his dark colouring, any ideas would be great folks, thanks
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