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  1. Oh well, as i mentioned in the thread, he was in a pathetic condition physically and from inside as well when i got him.. i took him tp a vet and he was diagnosed with chronic stomach infection and worms.. well deworming doses are on along with some other additional multi-vitamin and supplements.. well the point i wana also mention is that he IS on a kibble type diet.. i feed him 3 times, organic food twice(breakfast and evening meal) and kibble during noon time. In organic food, i usually feed him rice/chapati with boiled egg and yogurt/fresh cheese.. he is not able to tolerate milk n faces bad stomach issues whenever fed with milk . So as its alternative i use yogurt or fresh cheese to give him proper calcium n natural milk protien.. We are a vegan family, (its no big deal in India) but yeah we are ready to go an extra mile n get my buddy some meat food if i get a proper diet chart shared.. my boy is 10 months old right now. Any help or any good thread link sshall be appreciated!!
  2. Hello everyone.. m a newbie husky owner from Central India. Its a hot place with temperature ranging between 11°C & 48°C. I recently adopted a siberian husky. I am his third owner infact. The dog was actually bought by a bureaucrat's son. He didnt focus on his studies 'cause of the dog n for this reason, his father gave this lovely husky to his friend(2nd owner) when the poor boy was just 3 months old. This second owner of his, coincidently used to live in the same street next to my home. I used to watch Alex go out for walks with someone at that time, n used to see him tied to a mango tree during the day time(where the temperature here reaches 30-40°C). That gguy already owned 9 other pet dogs apart from Alex, n wasnt able to maintain him. After watching him suffer for 5 months, i finally was offered to keep him with me. Unfortunately, i discovered that he gave Alex up because of his deteriorating health, and continuous diarrhea(which i guess was messing up his surrounding near his house). Poor boy was just vaccinated, no proper de-worming, no proper food!! i feel bad for him.. well alex has been with me n family for past 3 months.. he is the heart of my family.. both my mother n father are in their old retirement age n Alex. Father is Paralyzed on right side with hypertension and CABG medical history, mom also has diabetes n hypotension.. brother was in depression and I was struggling with anxiety issues and mental disorders.. from the day Alex has joined us, our house has become a HOME! We spend time with him, n each other!! N love him.. keep him in air conditioned room, give him proper diet, take him for a walk... n yeah!! Without a doubt, he farts real stinky... but he is active, interactive!! Talkative, lovable and exceptionally brilliant.. Just to cope up with this newbie experience i have joined this forum.. i came here searchin for the fact that huskies fart or not.. i always used to suspect its my elder brother, but after spendin 3 months with them, i am pretty much sure its Alex n not my elder brother! XD Anyways, happy to be a part of the pack!!
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