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  1. Hi there! We have recently added a second rescue to our home. Bindi was described as a shepherd or heeler mix, but her DNA came back predominately Husky with a bit of GSD and Bernese thrown in. (Apparently Bernese crosses are a thing?) She is approximately 5 or 6 years old according to the rescue, has an extremely slim build, long legs, huge feet and stays at about 50 pounds. All we know is that she was brought in, adopted out, and returned less than a year later. She has very few manners, although she does know sit and shake, is house-trained, and accepts her crate fairly well. She has been with us since mid-March, and is still adjusting to the dynamics with our original dog. She is quite loving and is a cuddler, but uses her feet and head to get your attention or just flat out climbs over you. She also counter surfs, steals food, and eats like she hasn't for a week. If she were a child, I would say she has not ever had any kind of structure placed on her. We have enrolled both of them in a basic obedience class (first dog could use a refresher anyway) to work on her boundaries and basic manners. They both get walked 30+ minutes a day and have a fenced yard to run and play in, along with regular trips to a good dog park nearby. She howls at sirens, which I find quite fun. I have never had a Husky before, and I realize that there are certain traits or behaviors that might be specific to her breed. We are struggling with heel and loose leash walking, having tried a flat collar, a front harness, a head collar, and currently the slip chain as required by the class. I have read that a back harness can trigger a pull instinct. She is very food motivated, but will lose interest on walks. We adore her, but she is a handful! I guess I'm looking for any (and all!) advice on getting this sweetheart situated. I'm not new to dogs, but she is nothing like any of my past companions.
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