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  1. Ta, very much why I joined
  2. Thanks Arthritis wise it's a full house, other half has it in his fingers and knees and I had it in my ankle so bad they had to fuse it.
  3. Cool thanks for the tips. We're already getting in a routine of a couple early morning walks one before and one a bit after breakfast before I start work, one at lunch then one after work and a final walk just before bed. He's been really good letting the other half give him a good brushing so he's lost loads of fluff already
  4. Hi all Thought I'd continue the tinternet tradition of an opening post. Live in Dartford and rescued a siberian husky on Friday. Haven't had one before but had done loads of reading up. Things seem to be going fairly well at the minute although appreciate it's still early days. Our husky is an almost 10 yo male that had been at the shelter for a few months after having had a fractured tooth removed. Has had arthritis in left knee but doesn't seem to stop him walking too much. The staff had said not to expect too much when we met him which naturally rings true to theie aloof nature. So was a little bit of a surprise when he gave me a big hug 30 seconds after coming in the room whilst I was sat in a chair. Mainly joined the forum for a place to get advice when needed, I work from home but tend to be on the computer most of the day. Luckily can take the laptop downstairs for some meetings and into the garden when its nice to be with Rocco in different places but will stick a proper post up looking for ideas to help keep him entertained when I am busy. He's not very food focused although is eating better now (doesn't seem to like lamb flavoured food though, turkey and duck go down a storm as does fresh chicken). Hoping he'll be ready for a camping trip in 3 weeks over in South Wales. Anyway just wanted to say hello :edit: real name is Andy, Echus is from the Red Mars trilogy by Kim Stanley Robinson
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