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  1. Hello everybody, my 4 month old husky usually barks at other dogs when she sees them on the walk or plays at the dog park. My other husky never makes a sound and I got her when she is older so Idk is this normal puppy behavior?. I attached a video when she plays. 20191029_180039.mp4
  2. Here is the story: We already have a 1 year old well socialized female Husky ( mochi). 3 days ago, we brought home a 4 months old female husky (Rora). (They did met each other before 4 times at the dog park. And my 1 year old is completely fine with rora. However, the way them play is a bit concerning to me because Mochi will occasionally groan, she will grab rora neck or collar and tries to drag her . Knowing Mochi is tough housing because she likes to grab the other dog's collar/neck or always tries to wrestle them down. I attached a clip of them playing. Pls let me know if Mochi is too rough or playing inappropriately. there for we can correct her. 20191014_162154.mp4
  3. My husky has the same separation anxiety. She doesn't destroy anything but always tries to escape the house (my front door and windows take so much damages ), she also gets super nervous and potty whenever I leave even when she pooped/per right before I left. I haven't tried to crate her yet because I am afraid she will try to escape and hurt herself in the process.
  4. Hello everyone, I have a 10 month female husky named Mochi. Overall, she is well-behaved and knows all the basic training including potty training. However, the problem is that she has separation anxiety. According to my tenant, when we leave the house ( it is always around 2-3 hours never more than that) she would howl, whine and try to escape for at least 30 mins straight. And we always come home with poop, pee on the pee pads even she already potty right before we left. Idk this problem has anything to do with her background: we got her just 3 months ago, from a university student who is never home, she has to be alone at least 14 hours a day and never get to go outside frequently. Please any advices and training tips for her to actually be comfortable when she is alone. And did your dogs have the same problem and how u solved it. Thank you so much
  5. She always poop and pee when I take her out and we have a set schedule for it. But for example this morning, I took her out right before I left for the gym, she already pooped and pee. But when i got home she pooped and pee on the carpet again instead of on the pee pads ( even before being spay, she always knows to potty on the pads). Idk why she starts to prefer the carpet more now.
  6. I got my 10 month old husky 3 months ago, she came with no potty training at all from the last owner. We started to train her to potty outside and potty on the pee pads when we are not home. She did it 70-80% right all the time. However, last month we got her spayed and a few days after the surgery, she couldn't hold her pee well cuz of the pain so I put lots of pee pads around the house ( upstairs on the carpet and downstairs)just in case she couldn't hold it in when I am gone. 2 weeks after surgery and everything get back to normal, but she now decided to pee and poop on the carpet instead of the pee pads downstairs when we are not home. I tried to put a little pee on her pads so she knows where to potty and put up the baby gate so she cants go upstairs. Nothing works, she still jump over there gate and go upstairs to potty. Pls any advice to make her stop this behavior. P/s: I work from home so I am with her most of the time except when I go to the gym for 2 hours a day. And I always come home with poop and pee.( is it separation anxiety?)
  7. I feed mine cooked lean ground beef+ sweet potatoes+ carrots+ peas. Supplement with omega 3 fish oil. I dont know it is nutritious enough for my husky. Any comment?
  8. Same problem,My 7 months old Husky is immune to all kinds of treats,specially packaged stores bought. When she is excited with people, animals or just being outside, no food matters even when u put it right there in front of her mouth, the pup just doesnt care to eat it.😂😂
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