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  1. Haha, yours is kinda like mine and is Houdini in a fur coat..., heck that would’ve been a great name if I had known. My husky could bust through his kennel and would go so far as bend it all up. Best way to alleviate the issue is get a smaller kennel just their size. I have an 80lb Siberian husky and moved him into a medium kennel just enough for him to go in and lay down. In Fact it’s too short for him to stand. This is how kennels are supposed to be. He cannot get out now because he can’t force leverage with the extra room but he did dig through and chew the plastic floor leaving him nothing but wire to lay on. Unfortunately digging and eating down didn’t get him out that time. Huskies have an inherent desire to be with their owners 24/7. I can be out in the garage and he will howl for me lonely unless I go sit next to him. They will escape for other reasons like needing access to food and water, gotta go potty, etc.., so if you keep them in a kennel you need to check on them periodically and not leave them alone all day. I usually leave the kennel door open unless I have to run to the store. He somehow knows when I leave the premises and will get into mischief otherwise I usually let him out every three hours for an hour and back in. In essence he spends 2 hours inside for every 1 hour outside chasing squirrels etc.., if that makes better sense. So our beloved Siberian friends in general are lonely pack hungry pups that just want to be with you and in some cases may experience anxiety when they can’t.
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