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  1. I'm over here in the Midwest, USA (Iowa to be more specific). I'm surprised the UK is that jam packed with adoptions, kind of makes me want to take a trip over the pond. I'd feel pretty bad stuffing a dog in the belly of an airplane, I actually flew to the east coast to get Soarin but he was less than 15lbs when I picked him up so they let me take him as carry-on; otherwise I would have driven him back.
  2. Just popping in here to say hi. I'm finding it really difficult to adopt a Husky because they all seem to get a ton of applications very quickly around here, so I'm playing with the idea of getting a puppy as well. At the moment I have Soarin, my GSD, who I've had for 3 years now and I've had him since 9 weeks. I'm not super excited about the prospect of waking up at midnight, 3am, and 6am every night to take the new puppy out to go to the bathroom, but I will say after a couple of months, that first night of 8 hours of sleep is both refreshing and terrifying as you wonder if something is wrong (for the first minute). Here's a picture of Soarin though, this was over the winter so he had his boots on before we went for a walk (I put shoes on him if there's salt on the sidewalks, or if it's too hot outside and the concrete is like a frying pan, etc). Looking forward to learning new things and meeting new people here and hopefully finding a brother for Soarin!
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