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  1. Missed the pain relief question, she was prescribed three different medications to be administered at different times, she is through the first two and now she just has the remaining of the other. I'm not sure if they are all antibiotics or if there is any pain relievers included. My daughter did say today she had a good day and did not go after the dogs. She does keep them separate and take them out at different times, but the little dog is like a shadow and is always at my daughters feet. But Harley did great today, so maybe it was just the first few days of her not feeling well.
  2. Good information to know thank you all! When my girl was fixed she showed nothing different, she's a little ornery anyways! :-)
  3. My daughter had her miss Harley spayed about a week and a half ago and now she is very aggressive towards her other dogs. She did have to go in for antibiotics due to an infection, but that seems to be clearing up. The other dogs will just walk past her and she will attack them. Any advice or suggestions out there?
  4. Thank you! v I noticed the names were the same, that is just so amazing. How did you decide on the name? My little lady fits the meaning of her name very well! LOL It isn't a very common one.......
  5. Just wanted to say hello and share my beauties. My pups are almost 1 1/2 years. Not sure who their dad is, but mom is a Siberian beauty! This is an older pic, but one of my favs. They are all in the fam, but my two are the black and white on. From left to right we have; Ezra, Snickers, Caesar and Skyla.
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