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  1. Soo what would you recommend per meal per day? 😊
  2. Thx for that, would you recommend a raw chicken leg without the fat 3 times a day? Is that a meal for a puppy his age??.......or are chicken wings better?
  3. I feed him 3 times a day and don’t fill his plastic scoop and only give him treats once day.......will have to see what the tests bring back.
  4. Hi, My husky puppy is 5 month old now and 15kg and we are still struggling to find him the right diet. He always seems to have loose stools and diarrhoea. Really concerned and currently having his stools tested at the vets which has cost me a fortune. I am contemplating a raw meat diet?? Won’t it be dangerous thou to feed ur puppy raw chicken legs as the bones could splinter. Any suggestions please would be much appreciated 😞😞
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