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  1. Gosh, seems like my furry monsters friends have finally destroyed my beloved Bissell. Thanks Spyro and Luna. So ladies - and Paul - opinions are needed, since it was a treacherous and sudden death considering that we maintained our vacuum quite well. I realise, that (almost) all of you are UK residents, still - how good are Sharks and Dysons when dealing with husky hair? I'm choosing between these two as these were highly recommended on the other dog forum, still would like to get an opinion of husky owners. Unfortunately, comparisons I found (I'm talking about articles like this one) are not really reliable, so I've also checked out some reviews from Amazon... and still can't choose. Thinking about something lightweight, portable but powerful at the same time (dog owner fantasies, hah!). I heard that they work about 20 minutes only while fully charged, is that so? I realise that's kind of thread hijacking, still, I decided not to start another one, as I found this thread using the search function. It's an urgency, after all, as our roomba and hand cleaning is certainly not enough to stop this fur madness... So any help would be appreciated, of course.
  2. I sleep with my dog in the tent. Never had any problems with the floor of the tent. Sometimes Spyro want to go outside and paw at the door ripping small holes in the netting. I always have a sheet or blanket on top of the floor of the tent anyway and I've never had problems. However, I would be more worried about your dog bringing in ticks. I always check him very thoroughly before cashing in. Also, dogs are amazing heaters. And don't forget to take a medical kit as Markulous recommended - better be safe than sorry! Happy camping and safe travel!
  3. Well, I can agree that from time to time our Spyro is acting like a cat... We have him and a cat, and also I have long hair. Our vacuum is a Bissell, which works great if you just clean it after you're done. Need to mention that I vacuum 2 times a week really good and then roomba the rest of the week. So carpets are clean. But back to the topic - we also have a cat mentioned above (name is Luna) and three anonymous fish. Cat is older than our husky, so - to my surprise - they are getting along and there's no big fights.
  4. Congrats! Your little Ace looks so wonderful. Guess, he'll stay parti.
  5. Funny thing - Google search brought me here as well. Being a husky slave for three years already yet just found you.
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