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  1. its hard to imagine a dog will be shot and dumped .. i always say that dogs acts the way their owner teach them..for example pitbulls..people say they are angry unpredictable dogs that will attack people when they get the chance..i was scared of hearing that until my husband bought a pitbull puppy and god she was so kind and loving, we even let kids play with her, my husband explained to me that dogs that attacks (doesnt need to be a pitbull, it can be any breed) is trained that way by their owner..if hitting a dog of course it will snap one day.. but abandon them when they are no longer puppies? why not put them up for adoption , but at least most of the dogs gets lovely homes again just wish they all could..
  2. Hi , im sorry if this is on wrong topic.. have anyone else a rescue dog? here is my story -> August 2018, me and my husband was looking for a new husky pup for our puppy so he wouldnt feel alone, as i heard huskies are pack animals.. i looked and looked and found an add of a husky puppy that was so adorable on the picture and we called the seller. the seller told us she had hotspots on her whole body so they shaved of the fur so she dont look that nice right now. Me and my husband said we will go and check her before we buy her. so we went to the seller, and when we arrived we was met with a pup that was NOTHING like the picture she gave us. this was an entire different dog , the one she showed us was a devil masked black/white husky. this is an angel faced husky.. we was meet by an awful bad looking husky yes she was shaved but thats not why i said awful bad looking, seller told us she is 5 months old, they demanded 13.000 philippine pesos for her, we got the pedigree and i checked the health card and last time that was updated was in early june (she was born end or march) so i told my husband and we wanted to get her, we cant leave her there the way she was looking.. so we told the seller 12.000 philippine pesos and she agreed, the seller told us that the dam is in the back of their house, and when my husband asked to see her, they totally refused! we just wanted to bring that husky home , and god that awful smell in the car from this dog...when they have hotspot they produce some kind of oil in their skin,. and the seller never washed that oil away, it just kept building up over and over.. but when we finally arrived at home, we took her to the vet, and we was so angry when the vet told us that this husky was 5months old and was only 5kg!!! yes we took a big risk to pay that much money for a bad conditioned husky, BUT we couldnt just leave her there after seeing her condition she got along really well with my husky puppy as well, they have been together until she got her first heat, since then they have been seperated so no unwanted pregnancies today she is soon 13 months old, and she is so cuddly and social, yes she was heavily malnourished so she is developing slow i suppose considering the size of her face and body is not as big as other female huskies. but that doesnt matter, what matters is that she survived just weighing 5kgs as 5 month old pup, and today she weights 18kg and we never regret we took that risk to try save her here is she before and after my husband named my husky male Loco and this female Loca, he said they would be a cute couple hahaha ,, and the amazing thing is that she is bi-eyed AND tiny bit partial eye on the brown eye, (i asked the vet to check her eye as some huskies might see bad on eyes thats cloudy, but it turned out its a so called partial eye, its not much blue there its just a tiny tiny bit) on the left pic is how she was when we got her, i have to admit, i even doubted she was a pure husky on second pic is how she is at 11 months old pls note she was tied when i cleaned the yard as they always try to eat everything they can reach Looking on the pictures-how can anyone mistreat a husky or any kind of dog
  3. i called a vet thats doing spaying in both dogs and cats and i will bring her there now in 2 weeks from today before i bought her we decided that i will get her and pay the same time end of november, but begining of november he kept texting me if i can pay this and this day ? and when we decided that i give him a post dated check and i get the dog same time as i give the check-when we was finally there to give the check and get her home, he told me that his mom wont allow him to release her unless its the date on the check? i thought agreement was agreement .. so we went home without her,,end of november my husband called him and told him we are going to get her and pay the same time so he can return the check as well. his voice sounded nervous ..but we finally got her home end of november and she was little past 4yrs old by then and she was skinny , way to skinny to be a husky my vet even thought she was 1yr old only..because she was a small sized husky.. by then she weight only 15kg..but then i switched her ower to raw, because im not a fan of kibbles, and she gained weight and is now 19-20kg and to me thats an ok weight concidering we always go out jogging, letting her run free in the yard and many activities . now when i suspect that no puppies , i can finally let her rest from breeding for good , she is such a gentle husky, sure it would be fun to have her puppy here BUT when imagine her being breed every single heat,,,its like a girl should get pregnant as soon as her baby is born..its to exhausting .. but now she dont need to worry about stud again, no more vet in 2 weeks!
  4. we did not sign anythng , he only signed back of the dogs pedigree, as transfer of ownership. so my ideas right now is spaying, she deserves it thank u all so much for replying
  5. day 62 today and her tummy is going back to normal size so i think not pregnant, and that makes me happy as well , so i can let her rest completely this whole year, her old owner is pushing me to stud her on her next heat again just because he want his puppy share (i bought this dog for 10.000 philippine pesos + 1 puppy of her future stud will go to him) but now when i told him she is not expecting (i had a feeling she wasnt pregnant in the last few weeks) he is pushing me to try stud her again now in august on her next heat but i really dont want..you all are right, she have been bred every da*n heat and now i really think she should and deserve to rest this whole year and we will see next year if ever i want to let her get pregnant, when i got her i was thinking of letting her retier from breeding as her old owner told me "she has never missed her heat, all her heat was positive," but im thinking no more puppies for her, she deserves that but all pushing from her last owner because of puppy share? i think its to much, i mean he did say "from her future litter" and if I, the new owner, decide NOT to breed her again, it should be my call? ..hmm...
  6. hi sorry for disturbing u, do u know anything about pregnancy in husky? i really need some help to make me not confused..i cant do scans or anything in my country as the vet who offer schans are over 4hrs away..i live in philippines..hope u can check my latest post about pregnancy in husky because im so confused.. thank u 

  7. Savanathehusky


  8. Hi im new here so if this topic is on the wrong forum im sorry.. i am looking for some answer that can help me not being so much confused :p My husky mated feb 15, 16 and 18..so if counting from first mating she should be on day 59 today..and from last mating she should be day 56 today.. she had a silent heat in february.. Now here's the thing..i dont think She look pregnant at all?..Her former owner who i bought her from, told me that Savana (my husky) always have between 2-4 puppies only per litter. (she have had 3 litters in his possession). so i know where the average of puppies lays between , the only thing thats different is that her teats are little swollen and pinkish, and she started to whine now and then 5 days ago (like 4-6 seconds every 3-4hrs). and sometimes she dont want to eat her food (i divided 2 main meals into 4 meals as she should eat lesser more often) , sometimes she eats sometimes she dont.. she lays on her side and sleep a lot more than before, OR she might just be tired? i dont do heavy exercise with her, more than walking in leash few minutes..in some pictures she looks pregnant, some she looks normal/fat.. i will add some pictures so you can see..it might just be a small litter and thats fine with me. But i dont feel any movements at all until now and that makes me confused ..i did see something similar to a big kick on her rib cage when she was laying down and i tried to feel movements, but maybe thats just a nerve or twinch when she was sleeping? im not sure.. The picture where she lay down, is taken yesterday day 58 of her pregnancy..The picture when she is in leash was taken when she was 2yrs old. she will turn 5 now in october. I own both Dam and sire, and both has pedigree, so no one will "attack" me about it , just in case :p .. hope for some answers that can try help me understand more about this pregnancy..TIA
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