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  1. im so happy he got a good loving home now! wish every dog can get a last home instead of being put down because no one wants him/her.. but at least we can save some rather than no one ..
  2. nightmare indeed .. he just showed up here at home , me and my husband was out in town and the only ones here at home was my husbands mom and his sisters kids , 4 and 2yrs old.. he asked them where the puppies was but they told him there is no puppies because we stud to late and she will need to be spayed in few days . then he heard puppies (my other dog who is a so called "askal" (stray dog in philippines) mated with a dog outside and had puppies few days ago from today, it was her puppies he heard but apparently it was savanas puppies ........... (and YES this "askal" will be spayed as soon
  3. hi all, i just told him now that she needs to be spayed because of pyorometra, and he said i should take 1 litter of her first so he can get his puppy..but the problem is, the deal he told me when i bought her was following "I will get a puppy from future stud of savana" thats it, we never said she WILL stud, just if she will stud.. but i blocked him now and hopefully he wont contact me again..
  4. i did go to the vet 6hrs away when i knew she wasnt pregnant, and i asked him to do both xray and ultrasound just to be sure in case it missed on the other one. i send it to him and told him that even if a dog has normal heats, sometimes they do get silents heats as well but not everyone gets that..then he told me all that..guess just block him now yes he would have got 1 puppy from her future whelping BUT since i wont breed her there is no puppies so i dont know why get mad at me , i told him more than 20 times already that she had a silent heat and it might not have been positive stud. he d
  5. soooo...a fast update .. no puppies so she was not pregnant as u all might now..but now her old owner is saying that im lying to him .......it just makes me angry.. i told him it did NOT take , most probably because she had a silent heat and i might have missed her first day in her heat... and what we thought was day 1, can have been day 6 or 8 already..then he told me that savana is NOT a silent heater, always having normal heats, he knows her more than me, thats what he said .. ? but i told him her vulva was not swollen, nothing, and in a normal heat it is swollen..but this feb it was small
  6. its hard to imagine a dog will be shot and dumped .. i always say that dogs acts the way their owner teach them..for example pitbulls..people say they are angry unpredictable dogs that will attack people when they get the chance..i was scared of hearing that until my husband bought a pitbull puppy and god she was so kind and loving, we even let kids play with her, my husband explained to me that dogs that attacks (doesnt need to be a pitbull, it can be any breed) is trained that way by their owner..if hitting a dog of course it will snap one day.. but abandon them when they are no longer
  7. Hi , im sorry if this is on wrong topic.. have anyone else a rescue dog? here is my story -> August 2018, me and my husband was looking for a new husky pup for our puppy so he wouldnt feel alone, as i heard huskies are pack animals.. i looked and looked and found an add of a husky puppy that was so adorable on the picture and we called the seller. the seller told us she had hotspots on her whole body so they shaved of the fur so she dont look that nice right now. Me and my husband said we will go and check her before we buy her. so we went to the seller, and wh
  8. i called a vet thats doing spaying in both dogs and cats and i will bring her there now in 2 weeks from today before i bought her we decided that i will get her and pay the same time end of november, but begining of november he kept texting me if i can pay this and this day ? and when we decided that i give him a post dated check and i get the dog same time as i give the check-when we was finally there to give the check and get her home, he told me that his mom wont allow him to release her unless its the date on the check? i thought agreement was agreement .. so we went home without her,,end
  9. we did not sign anythng , he only signed back of the dogs pedigree, as transfer of ownership. so my ideas right now is spaying, she deserves it thank u all so much for replying
  10. day 62 today and her tummy is going back to normal size so i think not pregnant, and that makes me happy as well , so i can let her rest completely this whole year, her old owner is pushing me to stud her on her next heat again just because he want his puppy share (i bought this dog for 10.000 philippine pesos + 1 puppy of her future stud will go to him) but now when i told him she is not expecting (i had a feeling she wasnt pregnant in the last few weeks) he is pushing me to try stud her again now in august on her next heat but i really dont want..you all are right, she have been bred every d
  11. hi sorry for disturbing u, do u know anything about pregnancy in husky? i really need some help to make me not confused..i cant do scans or anything in my country as the vet who offer schans are over 4hrs away..i live in philippines..hope u can check my latest post about pregnancy in husky because im so confused.. thank u 

  12. Hi im new here so if this topic is on the wrong forum im sorry.. i am looking for some answer that can help me not being so much confused :p My husky mated feb 15, 16 and 18..so if counting from first mating she should be on day 59 today..and from last mating she should be day 56 today.. she had a silent heat in february.. Now here's the thing..i dont think She look pregnant at all?..Her former owner who i bought her from, told me that Savana (my husky) always have between 2-4 puppies only per litter. (she have had 3 litters in his possession). so i know where the
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