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    Just got my baby, she is 9 weeks old
  2. Hey all, I am 20 years old and I just adopted my first Husky. I have owned dogs my entire life and this the 3rd dog I am raising from the time she is a pup. I have successfully crate trained both other dogs but I am having troubles with my new little one. She seems to be having anxiety issues. She wants nothing more than to be around people, give kisses, cuddle and play. She does not bite people and she is not afraid of meeting new people. The issue I am having is if she is in the crate for more than 30 seconds she goes insane. My roommate, was taking and only exam and said she cried for an hour straight while I was in class. In the week that I have had her she has had 0 accidents inside the house outside of when she uses the bathroom in the crate, she only does this when she has to be left at home alone during the day (not at night). I am posting this because I am looking for advice on how to get her to stop crying and using the restroom in her crate when she is left alone. I know this stems from her fear of being alone caused by separation anxiety. How do I make her feel better? She is a 9 week old, female.
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