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    We love our husky named Justice. She is the reason why we are always trying to find out everything about her & what is to come owning a Siberian husky.
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  1. You have to set times to feed & also see the times he takes to poop. Log it & from there adjust the times. So essentially for example like my husky I wake her up at 6am. She gets up & goes outside to pee & poop. She then eats at 6:30am. A hour wait before we walk & then she goes off to daycare. From there after I get home from work at 4-5pm we feed her again. Same routine we walk her & come in. She let's us know if she needs to get out by howling or nudges at us. Before we sleep or are done for day we take her out to tap out anything she may have still in. She goes down & is asleep in the living room. Be very patient it takes time to train & be very on point. It will pay off.
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