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  1. @wolfpup Yes, semi secure. Although I'll put him back on the lead if I see other dogs. His breeder sees him twice a week and says I'm lucky, he's really chilled compared to the other pups but this seems so out the ordinary that I'm on edge waiting for him to change. I was hoping there was someone out there that just happened to have a chilled husky as well so I could relax lol
  2. Hi guys. New to this page but thought I'd check out some forums as I did a tonne of research before getting my boy but I find alot of people have strong views on Huskies... Even not ever owning one themselves. So I'd like to check in. My boy is now 9 months old and everyone comments about how chilled he is and he really is... he's playful, will jump up and will sprint when off the lead but he's not this hyperactive, pup that everyone warns me about. If I walked him for hours he will keep going but he's also not that bothered. I was really ill recently and again today so haven't walked him at all and he doesn't seem to care, he's happy just cuddling me and chilling with the family. Does anyone else have a husky like this?? I think mines broken?
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