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  1. I believe that online dating is a very good way for introverted people, introverts to find a girl / boyfriend. unfortunately, many dating sites scam with fake accounts and the need to pay for dating so I just want search somebody who shares his dating experience And read reviews that are written on different Dating sites, something like this - https://hookupmasters.com/. But more, of course, I want to discuss such things on forums, with someone who can share their experience. Because such reviews can also be written in order to improve the reputation of one site or to lower another. They are not always objective. Although a better understanding of what to expect.
  2. I want to try myself in the field of online business. I chose the sphere of stock trading for myself. Friends, please tell me the applications for stock trading. I would be very grateful for your help.
  3. Teona

    Reading time!

    Thank you very much for sharing! I'll read something from your list, 'cause I didn't read any 😱
  4. Friends tell me how to save data correctly and more efficiently? The fact is that I want to replace an old hard drive, that has dozens of programs, systems settings and so on, with a new drive. Here I found software that should help me. What advise you guys? What program can be used safely and most effectively?
  5. Teona

    Reading time!

    What are you reading now? (not only litterature about dogs, of course :3) I really love comic books and blogs format. One of my friends who is gambler advised me to read blog about it but I'm not a big fan to tell the truth. What about you? I do a research about what people read nowadays so I would be greatful for your answers. Have a good day!
  6. An interesting study. I have a few questions. How will you measure your psychological health and how does it depend on the presence or absence of a husky or another dog? Is it a statistic? Empirical research?
  7. It's cute but i have another experience. I had sex with girls I found on Dating sites. There were unsuccessful meetings when it was quite boring. In fact, a lot depends on the site you choose. I've noticed that in Tinder, girls take a very long time to respond. And this is not very convenient. You spend your time searching, and then you wait a few more days for an answer. It's awkward. Therefore, I recommend using Dating site reviews before using them. Like this one - https://hookupmasters.com . So you can get more information about the advantages and disadvantages of a particular service and decide whether it suits you or not without wasting time.
  8. You yourself should actually be perfect for your subject matter, write about your own personal behavior and how it and the economics of getting someone else to do what you should be doing yourself intertwine to affect your future.
  9. This is a very interesting topic for research. I would advise you to look at the works and dissertations on similar topics from Russian experts in the field of behavioral economics. I heard that they have been working on this topic lately. If it doesn’t work because of a lot of time and devotion to work, you can look at the list of top writing services on the Internet. The help of professionals is always important and necessary. I am sure that they will help you.
  10. I would like to open shop with different dogs toys and maybe clothes. But it could be difficult as I'm not a business lady so I can do it correctly. A friend of mine told me to make a business plan and to decide whether I want online shop or do rent. What do you guys think would be better? Maybe I should try to ask some help with my business-plan such as https://paperleaf.ca/business-plan/ ? I heard some good reviews about this service. Business-plan is one of the main things of every business in the very beginning of the process. Omg this is so dificult for me I don't know what to start with.
  11. Hi there! I'm Teona. Nice to be here!
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