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  1. Thanks mate. Yeh it was what the vet had concluded also without actually seeing him. Ahh, ok. Will keep an eye on it
  2. I have always fed my previous dogs raw bones and won't be stopping now with our Husky. Always find it amazing so called 'experts', in this case Vets want to preach one way or another. It's like child "experts" dispensing their wisdom on everybody except they have never had a child themselves....
  3. Hey all, New to the forum, but not to dogs, specially very large breeds. I am new to Huskies however and was wondering about their water intake. Background - I had a 12 month old Neapolitan Mastiff, a wonderful dog. We used to feed them chicken frames and dry food, which they loved. All 3 dogs (different large breeds) would drink a lot after their meals and I thought nothing of it. Then one morning when I was ready to go to work the Neo was missing, we lived on 3 acres so that was not unusual. But when I called and he did not come I became worried he had escaped (not the first time), but it was not long before I found him in one of the gardens. At some stage during the night he must have passed away, of course this was devastating to our family. I have no concrete evidence to know how he died or what caused it. There were no physical signs other than a very huge 'bloated' belly. Fast Forward - We have a 3 month old Husky named Koko, he is just wonderful. However I note he drinks a LOT of water. Mind you we are in Thailand and it is very hot and humid so he may well need a lot of water but after my previous experience I don't want to wake up and find the same result, if that makes sense. PS. Before anyone asks why they would have such a breed in Thailand, I do not know, but I do know there are a lot of them here. I figure we would be able to take care of him as well as anyone else, we do have fans, ice blocks and aircon when required
  4. Some people truly think 'outside the box'..... What a clever idea
  5. Hi all, Long time BIG dog owner but now have 2 little "yip yip" dogs and a 3 month old Husky named Koko :) It's been a long time since I have had a long haired dog, in fact they were my first 2 dogs, Old English Sheepdog :) After they passed I got into Rottweilers, Mastiffs and even a Great Dane. Anyway we are actually in Thailand now and it is quite hot, similar to home in Brisbane. Koko has decided it's great fun to put his feet into the water bucket, over and over again before coming inside. Luckily we have all tiles so it's not so bad, just annoying ! What I would like to know is how we can stop this occurring ? Thanks in advance. Shaughan
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