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  1. Hi everyone, I've been having this problem for my Husky at certain moments in my short time with him and I'm starting to get worried about it. King has started growling at me and the other two puppies (they are yorkies) in the house when eating treats or playing with toys. I first noticed this when he was about 3 months old and he would attempt to eat the other puppies food. The first time he ever growled and snapped at me was when I attempted to take him away from the food. This happened twice until I stopped allowing him to even go near their bowls. Now, for the past two weeks or so (he's 4 months now) I've noticed when the other pups try to play with his toys he will go snatch it up and run away and maybe let out a growl or two. He never really bites them and when he does its almost a nibble as if he's trying to teach them a lesson. Today, once I finished some training with him I rewarded him with a pig ear in his cage. Once I put it in his cage and he started feasting on it I let the other pups out ( cage was open ). As soon as they came within a couple feet of him and the pig ear he began violently growling at them and I believe if it weren't for the cage he would've seriously bit one of them. After this I was so nervous I didn't know what to do so I locked him up with the pig ear in the cage and anytime the pups went anywhere near the cage he would begin barking and biting at them through the cage extremely aggressively. This is something I haven't seen him do before and I'm seriously worried.
  2. Hi everyone, my husky, King, (still a puppy-3months) is currently going through what seems like a angry stage in his life. For the first few weeks of having him potty training seemed to be going good, he would have his accidents here and there but for the most part he would use the bathroom outside and for maybe a week or two straight he hadn't gone potty in his cage what so ever. Fast forward to now and it seems like he's trying to take over the house. He will pee literally minutes after coming in from 10-15 minute walks, I even tried taking him out for 15 minutes (he used the bathroom), bringing him in for 5 minutes, and taking him back out for a couple of minutes and we still returned just for him to pee inside. At this point I think its behavioral considering his pee sometimes might just be one drip or two which leads me to believe that he doesn't necessarily HAVE to go as much as he just simply wants to go because he can. PLEASE HELP this problem has been frustrating me so much!!!
  3. Thanks for the info, I started with shorter 15-20 min walks today and it seems like he doesn't stop as much unless he's looking at something like squirrels lol. Potty training is going OK for the most part, he will cry to get out the cage if he needs to use bathroom but if out the cage it seems as if he just goes at his own leisure.
  4. Okay, thanks so much. I read somewhere that taking them out as much as possible was good in order to tire them out by the nights end. I guess the info must've been wrong. Ill stick to maybe 2 walks a day for 10 minutes !!
  5. Just got a new 2 month old Husky named King! Being my first time training a Husky, I'm having some problems with training him different things. Would be great if anyone could give their 2 cents on any of the following points; 1) Having a hard time getting him to walk on leash, he doesn't pull to the point where I'm having to speed up, but he does a bit. What he does A LOT is simply stop and won't move whatsoever. Any help ? 2) Doesn't like to be in the crate very much. I've tried making it home to him, putting his food and water in there and even toys. No matter what I do he cries a lot especially at night 3) Potty training him is going okay, but he does pee in his crate quite a bit 4) Lastly, PLEASE enlighten me with some good exercise routines. As of now I feed him and walk for about 25mins at 5:30am, come back at around 6:10 and let him mess around while I get ready to leave. At about 7:30 he goes back into the crate. Around 12pm I come back, walk him for about 10 minutes just incase he had to use the bathroom while I was away, then I feed him and let him play around at the local park for about an hour. At around 1:50 p.m he goes back into the crate until around 4:00. At around 4:30 he goes on a 10 minute walk to once again flush him out, at 6pm he has his last meal of the day. About an hour later I take him on the last walk for about 30minutes. From 7:00/7:30 he's free to roam around the house until 10/11, but usually he's still way to energetic for the crate. Should I make any schedule changes? THANKS SO MUCH FOR ANYONE WHO DROPS TIPS/SUGGESTIONS AND EVEN TO THOSE WHO SIMPLY TOOK THE TIME TO READ EXCITED FOR THIS NEW ENERGY.
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