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  1. thank you guys , i hope she changes when she gets older
  2. Hey guys , i have a husky puppy i’ve had her since October 2018 , she is now 6 months old . I really love her and I spoiled her , but I’m really sad because she doesn’t really miss me or show me any love . She only comes and listens when there’s food involved in the matter . I left her for 5 days in a pet hotel and when i went to pick her up she didn’t care and didn’t seem to be happy or excited. She was normal. I train her and walk her and talk to her and play with her . She won’t listen to me or obey anything if we’re outside the house. When we go to the dog park she acts like she doesn’t see or hear me ! She would play with the other dogs and ignore me . She loves other people but won’t give me any attention. If i bring treats and try to get her attention she doesn’t even care and sometimes she take the treat and throw it away and walk . Her vet says that she is still a puppy it’s okay . I got cuz i wanted a pet to spend time with and love and cuddle and she’s none of those . Do you think she’s gonna change and love me as she grow up? Thank you
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