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  1. I’m so sorry to hear this news. He was so beautiful and clearly had a wonderful life with you. Sending lots of love your way xxx
  2. Yes that’s definitely a concern if I’m honest. Where would you say is the best place to source chicken that isn’t corn or grain-fed? Well I say chicken. I am looking into other meats too. I’ve heard rabbit is good but we also need to consider cost too, if raw works for our pup... @wolfpup you seem to be so good with diet, so any suggestions are welcome!
  3. Hi guys Sorry I’ve been a bit quiet. So good news is that my pup has put back on 2.6kg of the 3kg he lost, so looks like overfeeding did work in the interim... Still struggling with him eating his dry food and the vet essentially rubbished our notion that my dog needs to be grain and gluten free...which basically was a ‘no’ to further allergy testing. I’m going to speak to our usual vet next time and insist on it because I want to know what he can and can’t eat. I also spoke to a canine nutritionist friend of mine. She has over 20 years experience with dogs and is brilliant
  4. That is an amazing test!! I love it. How did you find out about it? I would be interested in getting this done for him because although he’s happy and playful (and ignorant at times - seems to selectively forget his name when called) he needs to bulk out. We have tried him on commercial raw food but it didn’t suit him, he was throwing up almost instantly (Followed the instructions to the letter). I guess it may be worth trying a pure raw diet though, I think processed food doesn’t help. We’re wary of changing the protein source as he has had the runs with any other meat. My dog’s s
  5. That’s so interesting to know. In terms of symptoms of allergies, what should I look out for? There’s no indication that he has issues with his current food as his stools have never been so good! He just doesn’t seem keen to eat. that amount doesn’t sound right - even on homecooked he was eating over 1kg a day as recommended by the specialists he has had 3 blood tests already and they’ve shown nothing. I’ve never heard of a blood food allergy test...
  6. He seems to be allergic to any other protein source than fish! He had a strict diet trial following advice from specialists - fish and sweet potato/butternut squash. This was great for him but as I said very very expensive due to the amount he needed and how expensive fish is! Before the trial...We used to give chicken and rice when his tummy was upset (which seemed to be all the time as a young pup) - his stools would solidify but then go bright yellow so chicken is not good for him. We recently tried this again after about 4 months and he became very bloated and was passing lots of gas.
  7. Hi! My husky is just over a year old, has numerous allergies and health problems. He can only eat fish but the food has to be grain and gluten free...which makes feeding him on a commercial diet a challenge. A homecooked diet on fish and butternut squash did wonders and he ate it happily. But this isn’t a complete food, was too expensive for us and he is very skinny, bordering on underweight. He is now back onto a commercial dry food and I usually put yoghurt into it which he likes and makes the food more palatable. I’m concerned however as he refuses to eat it until the evening after his n
  8. Hi everyone, So after many months we still don’t know what’s up with pup. He had his first physio session the other day and we have been advised to strengthen his back legs by stretches and various exercises. He was also given some laser treatment on his back, but tbh I don’t think this did anything. Since my last post, he has had antibiotics for both an eye infection and a sheath infection. He has also literally just come off steroids for a patch by his mouth that got bigger after being on antibiotics (suspected dermatitis, but not sure - steroids has definitely calmed it down). O
  9. Ah yes the old spray bottle. That also didn’t work for us 😂🙈. I’m glad to hear it’s working for you though! Keep at it and it seems like it’ll pay off. 😊 2Huskyfun - yes I definitely agree with the mutual respect but with huskies that’s been so difficult to train (my pup has absolutely no recall ability despite our best efforts), so I suppose it’s classed more as ‘dominance’ than respect. Good luck with the biting! 😊
  10. Lol! I guess it depends on your dog but literally nothing else worked for us. I even tried associated the biting with horrible loud noises and that didn’t work. Tried ignoring, leaving the room, telling him off, putting a chew toy in his mouth instead, but nothing (each of these were all done over a fair period of time to assess efficacy). I think what you need to find is something that snaps them out of it - ear biting was it for us and we very rarely have to reinforce this now. If you look at dogs in play, they do nip ears to show who’s boss. So might be worth trying - you never know!
  11. Thank you, I’ll look into this over the weekend and try and start as soon as possible! He’s not a big fan of being touched in certain areas but he has to tolerate it when he needs drying etc. I am concerned about him getting wet too much and having to dry him...what do you do? I’m worried his fur will go brittle or it’ll cause skin problems as I’ve seen it happen in malamutes. But we can’t towel dry him fully - he only gets completely dry with a hairdryer. We have nowhere indoor that we can put a pool and we live in the UK where we don’t get the best weather so might not be abl
  12. Hi! I had a massive issue with this for most of my pup’s younger months. He’s nearly a year old and has stopped the biting unless he gets super annoyed (which is rare). We tried EVERYTHING and nothing worked. The only thing that stopped him is...biting his ear. This sounds crazy (we got the idea from Snow Dogs) but it really works and shows them who’s boss. You need to bite a little harder than a nip but not too hard. I would suggest that your wife and daughter do this too so they assert themselves as dominant over him too. I know this sounds mad but this is genuinely the only thing that wo
  13. Thanks so much for the reply! That’s really helpful. We are eager to try swimming definitely but we need to find somewhere reasonably priced and fairly close, especially if he’ll need to go that often! I’m so glad you were able to rehabilitate him! He does have two beds, and they are both orthopaedic (not memory foam - one is spongy and the other is flatter but still has some sponge in). Annoyingly, he prefers to sleep on the laminate flooring! But he does spend a few hours overnight on them so I guess that’s something. limited ingredients is good - but we had no clue what
  14. Hi all, Sorry to have been so absent the past few months. I recently started a new job so life has been a lot busier. Pup update...not a lot has changed. My poor baby has had lots of tests done - an MRI, lumbar puncture/spinal tap, bloods and an ultrasound. The initial blood test, done under anaesthetic, showed a reduced level of cortisol levels. Addisons was suspected at that stage, but when the ACTH bloods were done (the only diagnostic test for Addison’s), cortisol levels were normal. So this was ruled out. The neurologist saw a slightly slower signal speed down his hind leg
  15. I haven’t actually heard of adding taurine in to be honest...I’ll look into it, thank you!
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