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  1. Ah yes the old spray bottle. That also didn’t work for us 😂🙈. I’m glad to hear it’s working for you though! Keep at it and it seems like it’ll pay off. 😊 2Huskyfun - yes I definitely agree with the mutual respect but with huskies that’s been so difficult to train (my pup has absolutely no recall ability despite our best efforts), so I suppose it’s classed more as ‘dominance’ than respect. Good luck with the biting! 😊
  2. Lol! I guess it depends on your dog but literally nothing else worked for us. I even tried associated the biting with horrible loud noises and that didn’t work. Tried ignoring, leaving the room, telling him off, putting a chew toy in his mouth instead, but nothing (each of these were all done over a fair period of time to assess efficacy). I think what you need to find is something that snaps them out of it - ear biting was it for us and we very rarely have to reinforce this now. If you look at dogs in play, they do nip ears to show who’s boss. So might be worth trying - you never know!
  3. Thank you, I’ll look into this over the weekend and try and start as soon as possible! He’s not a big fan of being touched in certain areas but he has to tolerate it when he needs drying etc. I am concerned about him getting wet too much and having to dry him...what do you do? I’m worried his fur will go brittle or it’ll cause skin problems as I’ve seen it happen in malamutes. But we can’t towel dry him fully - he only gets completely dry with a hairdryer. We have nowhere indoor that we can put a pool and we live in the UK where we don’t get the best weather so might not be able to do this ourselves!
  4. Hi! I had a massive issue with this for most of my pup’s younger months. He’s nearly a year old and has stopped the biting unless he gets super annoyed (which is rare). We tried EVERYTHING and nothing worked. The only thing that stopped him is...biting his ear. This sounds crazy (we got the idea from Snow Dogs) but it really works and shows them who’s boss. You need to bite a little harder than a nip but not too hard. I would suggest that your wife and daughter do this too so they assert themselves as dominant over him too. I know this sounds mad but this is genuinely the only thing that worked for us. Any commands or luring away/distracting simply didn’t work and his bites were getting really bad. So the ear bites really helped us! Good luck, he will get there. P.S. he is stunning!
  5. Thanks so much for the reply! That’s really helpful. We are eager to try swimming definitely but we need to find somewhere reasonably priced and fairly close, especially if he’ll need to go that often! I’m so glad you were able to rehabilitate him! He does have two beds, and they are both orthopaedic (not memory foam - one is spongy and the other is flatter but still has some sponge in). Annoyingly, he prefers to sleep on the laminate flooring! But he does spend a few hours overnight on them so I guess that’s something. limited ingredients is good - but we had no clue what was causing his issues as he was on quite a limited diet before as well. Touch wood...fish helps his gut (hopefully it continues that way). Hopefully, in time, he can have other things again. What kind of physical therapy do you do with them? I will do! Hopefully together we can help my playful pupperoni
  6. Hi all, Sorry to have been so absent the past few months. I recently started a new job so life has been a lot busier. Pup update...not a lot has changed. My poor baby has had lots of tests done - an MRI, lumbar puncture/spinal tap, bloods and an ultrasound. The initial blood test, done under anaesthetic, showed a reduced level of cortisol levels. Addisons was suspected at that stage, but when the ACTH bloods were done (the only diagnostic test for Addison’s), cortisol levels were normal. So this was ruled out. The neurologist saw a slightly slower signal speed down his hind leg than he would’ve liked, but it was not significantly lower than normal so this wasn’t seen to be the issue. He doesn’t like to sit but can do so while protesting. All of the other tests came back as normal. For ages now he has also had chronic diarrhoea. So the vet recommended we put him on a homecooked diet with fish and butternut squash/sweet potato and see how he gets on for at least 6 weeks. Fast forward about 2 months and he has been brilliant on the homecooked, but it’s not financially sustainable. So we are slowly switching him to a combination diet (dry+wet (or homecooked if wet doesn’t suit him)). Fingers crossed... In terms of his tremors, he has had very little since changing his diet. However, they do still occur randomly (sometimes quite severely but with no obvious trigger). His hunched back, if anything, seems worse than it was and we are now wondering if he sustained an injury during his very early days that may have caused some trauma in the form of muscle/leg weakness etc. He has always been a bit clumsy and had lots of bumps when small (some quite bad but he never seemed bothered, would always shake it off and move on). We are going to look into therapeutic options - most likely either see a physiotherapist or take him to a hydrotherapist. Apart from the diet helping with his stools, we are still none the wiser to his other health issues despite going to one of the best specialist centres in the UK. Does anybody have any recommendations for chiropractors/physiotherapists/hydrotherapists within or around Birmingham? Would really appreciate some contacts as I’m not quite sure where to begin... This feels like our last chance to actually find out what’s wrong with my dog. He’s almost a year old and loves to play, but he can’t play for long before he gets fatigued. My husband and I would love to get to the bottom of this so he can live his life to the fullest. Many thanks once again
  7. I haven’t actually heard of adding taurine in to be honest...I’ll look into it, thank you!
  8. Yep mine has a gluten intolerance so it made sense to omit grain and gluten
  9. What do you guys mean by cooked food? I had lots of issues with my pup, intolerance-wise. The only food he was able to eat was hypoallergenic Wellness Core but he didn’t like it and wasn’t eating which concerned us so much we changed it. We even tried raw and that made him sick. He’s now on Tribal puppy and he LOVES it and doesn’t cause issues for his stomach. This is grain-free and gluten-free and works well for him. And he is one fussy pup so we’re sticking to grain-free. Pleeeeease don’t feed Hills/Science Plan. Those foods have been linked to a number of dog deaths. For some baffling reason, vets still recommend them for a bland diet. I use boiled chicken and veg for my pup if he needs bland food.
  10. That sounds very similar to mine tbf...sounds like quite a bad back trauma occurred? Thinking about it, I can’t pinpoint anything that happened around the time that he started to arch... Bless him, it sounds like he wasn’t able to live a fulfilled life at that point though, so I agree. You did the kindest thing for him. I hope I won’t have to make that choice 😔.
  11. Oh that’s so useful, thank you. I’m sorry to hear about your dog. Was Murphy able to sit at all? My dog can sit and sometimes he’s fine doing so, but other times his legs wobble as though he can’t hold his weight up properly. He can also stretch his back so it looks as though he has no arch, but this is only when he’s hyper vigilant or stretching in an exaggerated manner. When examining him, the vet does feel along the spine and he doesn’t flinch when she does this. Was this the case for you also? I will definitely mention it to the vet and see what they say. I think we’ve resigned ourselves to the fact that we will need further scans to find out more. Thanks for your advice! It’s useful to hear other people’s experiences.
  12. Sorry to hear you’ve had a hard time with your husky. I’ve only had mine for 6 months and I’ll admit that I felt the same way as you for a while. It will get better but you have to put in the work. One thing I think that works in your favour is having another dog. Huskies are pack animals. It sounds like your husky may need some more mental stimulation. Do you spend time at home every day doing ‘training sessions’? 5 minutes (if that), here and there with treats that she loves is a good start. The treats are super important - if they’re not high value to her then she won’t be interested in listening to you. I make my own treats because of my pup’s allergies - they’re super easy to make and he loves them. Recall-wise - I agree with the others. Huskies have terrible recall! It can be improved but it starts at home. For example, I always call mine in from the garden with some kind of reward. Also, is she left alone a lot? I’ve heard that some huskies need more supervision than other breeds during the first year or so of their lives. It could be a separation anxiety thing so to keep her busy when you’re not around, you could leave Kongs for her filled with interesting treats. It also sounds like she likes to chew - mine is an aggressive chewer and the only thing that stems this is giving him a deer antler, so you could try that perhaps? With regards to pulling, i’m sorry to say but that’s a long road. Because huskies were bred for that purpose it takes a lot to train it out of them. I would suggest a double-ended leash (one end goes on the harness and other end on the collar) and perhaps even a Halti if it gets really bad (you will have to positively reinforce the Halti as some don’t like this). In the mornings my dog will have a ‘training walk’. So he will be taught to walk on ‘side’ which is walking next to me. Every time he pulls or goes ahead of me, I turn and go in the opposite direction, or pull the Halti slightly to the side to correct. Huskies always look up to the Alpha. At the moment she doesn’t see you as the Alpha. That walking exercise is good as it reminds her who is in control. Huskies are hard work but they say if you put all the work in now, it really pays off. Sorry for the essay! Be reassured that I have experienced your feelings. You’re doing the right things in being patient with her and reinforcing positively, but huskies need someone firm and who doesn’t take any nonsense. Be confident. You can do it. Good luck
  13. Oh that sounds so upsetting and stressful for the both of you! I guess it was a relief to know that she wasn’t in any pain, and that she lived to a really good age. Yeah, my husband and I aren’t giving up! Because he’s so young we hope that his age will help. Fingers crossed...I will keep you all updated as soon as we know more. In the meantime, thanks for the support. makes a big difference
  14. Thank you for your advice. In terms of his food, we have done a lot of research ourselves and have literally spent the first 4-5 months we have had him in getting that right. He’s now on a grain-free diet (grains tend to trigger acne for him), and gluten and wheat free (these foods seemed to exacerbate his muscle tremors). I’m sorry to hear about your dog how old was she? Which nerve disorder did she have? We are definitely going to push to find out what this issue is - next steps will be getting a third opinion (we’ve already had two). He can still be quite boisterous though so that’s a good sign! Thank you for your advice everyone. From a worried first time dog owner, it means a lot.
  15. Oh how interesting! It’s been months for my pup he can stretch it and it’ll look normal, but this is usually when he’s super alert We havent looked into acupuncture yet tbf. I’m not sure if it is just a pinched nerve because of the other symptoms he’s shown (i.e. shaky legs/doesn’t want to jump into the car/climb stairs). Also the vet has physically examined his spine a number of times and he doesn’t flinch when she does this. Thank you for your reply! That’s quite helpful, I’ll look into the pinched nerve just in case.
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