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  1. We have not taken in yet, we will be taking her soon. I wasn't sure it was allergies because it's only one spot she itches
  2. She does go out, I meant she is around us all the time. I'm sorry I should have made it more clear.
  3. Hi! I am Sarah, and I live in Northern Illinois. My husband and I bought our husky in July 2017, when she was approximately 8 weeks old. We wanted a dog that was different than what we had ever owned before. We absolutely love our girl, Nanook, and think she is a great fit with our family. I look forward to connecting with everyone.
  4. I have an almost 2 year old female husky. She started to chew on her back, near the base of her tail, about 6 months ago. She has chewed her undercoat completely off in that spot. We have tried grain free food and treats, and she is in the house all the time. We also give her bones to chew. What could we do to keep her from itching? Will her undercoat grow back? Thank you all in advance.
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