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  1. Thanks, I’ll look at both harnesses and into a behaviourist if training doesn’t bring any changes soon enough. I did try hot dogs and they are her fave at home but nothing works when we’re out. Thanks everyone xx
  2. Hi all, I’m new here and have loads of questions! First though, we adopted my girl almost 2 months ago. Told between 1-2 years, vet thought more like 8 months old making her about 10 months now... Shadow greets every human with jumps and loving, but has strongly snapped at dogs. This has made me extremely nervous, so I’m avoiding dogs completely but really want and need to get over it! I’ve got her a harness and a Halti now, and a 1:1 trainer because I’m scared to take her to a class. I’m not sure if she still doesn’t know her name or if she’s choosing when to hear me. Guess I haven’t asked a question yet... so... is there a favourite type or brand of harness for huskies? A favourite treat, cuz not even beef keeps her attention when we are out!
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