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  1. Hi chelseafan, Thanks for the response. Her teeth seem fine but I am going to pursue the fungal infection avenue. You are certainly correct in regards to allergies. Stef
  2. The vet didnt seem to think it was an allergy. But any experience with allergies only causing nasal discharge ?
  3. Hi, I was wondering if anybody has ever had the same problem I am facing. My husky is 1.5 years old and for the last 6 months has had nasal discharge in the form of smelly green snot. I know, charming. I brought her to the vet and she was given a round of antibiotics and they did not work. The vet thought maybe something is lodged in her nose but nothing. Nobody seems to know what is wrong. The weird thing is that she will start to improve then suddenly get it again in about 3 week intervals. She is not lethargic and has not lost her appetite. Any ideas what could be wrong?
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