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  1. yes thanks for the reply - no longer using that vet for sure!!! I thought that she just needs socialising more which we intend to do once she can go out properly !! was very upset yesterday
  2. Hi Everyone I am new to the site and we bought a husky YAY she is gorgeous and my hubby has wanted one for over 20 years and now with our son grown (22 next) we took the plunge, the last 2 weeks have been interesting and fun what wonderful smart animals they are but last night we took our 10 week old female to the vet for her 2nd injections (who has shown some signs of what I thought was nervousness/aggression when meeting new people), (she is now fine with Me/Hubby and son) she growled and snapped at the vet and the vet told us her behaviour was abnormal and that we would have nothing but problems with her as she gets older with the aggression and that our lives with her would not be good/stressful etc and that perhaps we should consider either re-home or euthanasia - we were shell shocked and obviously getting a second opinion but just wondered as anyone else experienced this with their husky - did a behavioral therapist work etc any tips or just advice ? thanks Lisa
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