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  1. I invite anyone I can to pet mine when we're out walking, Huskies are a little more rare here than most places I imagine, so people stop to look at him a lot.
  2. Yeah I actually was looking at them online over the weekend. I'm curious enough to spend the money.
  3. My name is Jon and this is Blu, my first ever Husky. Originally was intended to be my nephew's dog, but because a) he's a typical lazy teenager, and b) I've grown to love this dog...I've just slowly adopted him. My sister saw him with a homeless lady and bought him for $20. I'm not 100% sure what breed(s) he is other than Husky, one of the things I'm hoping someone might have input on. The younger pic is back in the end of October when we first got him, most recent was last Thursday when he saw snow for the very first time. We had fun playing fetch with snowballs
  4. I googled husky forums, this was second in the list but looked way better than the first one .
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