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  1. Hi, I appreciate your reply!! Its so hard not to compare. He just seems so different and so lean. But the other husky pups are all fur.
  2. Hey everyone. We recently adopted our husky puppy on Feb 5th. We are new to this breed, having owned pit bull and bully breeds before. I posted in the General topics asking if our guy really is a husky so please go give me your thoughts. We love him and he's part of the family regardless. Its just hard not to compare him to other huskies, granted we don't know any white huskies personally. Hope to be a contributing member as we go through this journey with this breed.
  3. Hey, We recently adopted a husky puppy but his hair is so much shorter and his tail doesn’t turn up. He’s also quite tiny. Or so we think. Both parents were on site but we feel like maybe he is mixed with something. I’d love your input. He’s 3 1/2 months old and 22 lbs. Can you tell me what you think at this point?? It would be greatly appreciated.
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