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  1. Look at those eyes and ears! Beautiful girl! I wouldn't worry about being relaxed. A sign of a happy and contented dog. If they were jumping and running amok then you would need to worry about why they have so much energy to exhaust! Teething stage will come, cannot remember when Maya had hers. I think towards the 1 year mark it was. She was not bothered my furniture, but taking shoes down the garden was always her thing.....lost so many pairs of shoes may they rest in peace!
  2. Yes Massively. She is Black coated though and so thick coated so retains a lot of heat so have to be careful from overheating. Mine in summer time with both front and back doors open she goes in-out-in-out like some neverending game on Hokey Cokey
  3. Same Maya from the movie Eight Below. A dvd that is still apart of my movie collection some 15 years later and probably 100 views. Have always loved that name too! In Nepali I believe I read it means Love too so made it even more beautiful! Just read this on Urban Dictionary, strangely accurate..... Maya is one hell of a person. She might seem quite at first, but once you get to know her, she is loud and funny. She loves family and friends. A Maya can be annoying at times if she's in that mood. She's really really smart, whenever she ain't lazy. You might see Maya outside, with her f
  4. Hi There, First Time Husky Owner but long time admirer. Just never been in a circumstance to own one but 5 years ago decided to go into business with the family to run a shop so meant was spending more time at home in a dog friendly workspace too. I cannot remember when my fascination with Huskies started, been a favourite breed since I can remember and that was only solidified when I went on a Dog Sledding experience in Gloucestershire in my teens. Anyways, let me introduce the star of the show.....Maya. 4.5yrs Old born March 2016. Incidentily named after Walt Disney's Eight Be
  5. Hi There, First time Siberian Husky owner and forum poster but need some help to understand our pooches change of behaviour. Maya is almost 3 years old and we have had since she was about 10 weeks old. We were told by the breeder that she was Husky cross with labradoodle though always doubted that so done a DNA test which came back with Siberian, Old English Sheepdog, Bernese Mountain, & Rottweiler combination. Anyway, she seems a relatively happy pooch. Very calm, very relaxed, very sweet and gentle. Eats well (though some nights she just sniffs it and turns around a
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