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  1. Thanks Yeah I thought the same, guess now I'm not the only one lol
  2. Hi everyone just want to share what Malia can do.. Also made this video a bit comedic Enjoy Video link here :)
  3. Hi guys would love to share with you of our visit to a popular city park in the Philippines
  4. Ever wonder how Malia looks like when she was young here she is =========== CLICK HERE ======== Full Video
  5. See Malia and how she rides our car. This time awake and very curious.. Enjoy Watching =========== CLICK HERE ============= Full Video
  6. We went to fetch Cherry from work and these is how Malia reacts every time while waiting
  7. Husky asks for more when owner stops giving her attentionusky asks for more when owner stops giving her attention Here is another video of one of our husky enjoy here is the link ================ click here ======================
  8. After walking at the Park Malia is exhausted. Right after I started the engine she sleeps at my Lap While Driving?!? You can also watch/listen to this when your finding it hard to fall asleep ============== CLICK HERE================ <-------------------
  9. Malia the Husky Visits Memorial Q.C Circle You will see the Amazing Park along with some furry friends and also see how Malia Sleeps when inside the car
  10. Yep husky Look she looks like one my husky which I already had tested
  11. Greetings guys so I will be sharing with you constantly videos of my adventures with our huskies here is one for starters its our Husky Malia while sleeping ==================== LINK TO HER VIDEO ON YOUTUBE============================== <----- CLICK
  12. can you provide a screenshot of what you see I'm glad you liked my video I have lots more to share in the future.. In my channel I have like I think 10 videos at the moment.. Our space is not the large and we don't put them in cages they roam around the house lol.. But what's important is that they get exercise they need to let all that energy out.. I wanna share with you another Video.. Its sky and she can off leash LINK TO VIDEO HERE
  13. Thanks Karen and everyone Am I allowed to keep posting here my videos of my huskies or do I make a new post in the media section
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