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  1. Hello everyone! As i mentioned in my introduction topic, my little buddy Odin is currently eating Acana puppy and junior. But the store i get it from at a reasonable price has stopped selling it. They offered alternatives but i don't know if I should switch him or continue to get Acana elsewhere at a much higher price that is stretching my budget. So the brands they offer are Purizon and Wolf of the wilderness. Both brands puppy food is 5% less caloric by the kg than acana but have similar ingredients. If anyone has any tips i would appreciate it
  2. Hello everyone. I just joined your forum after only lurking for a while. I became a husky owner 3 months ago. Odin is my first dog ever and I'm trying my best to give him the best. I absolutely love the little guy, but he's not easy to handle. Currently he is 5 months old and growing like crazy. Fortunately for me we had potty training down in a few days and he never pooped in the house. The things we need to work on is biting and pulling, he doesn't bite hard but he has an obsession for having human parts in his mouth, in the first week i got him i had no whole pants left ( that made me really miserable but now i just don't care about tiny holes in clothes haha)... And I talked to Sid over facebook and I'm buying him a lot of indie-dog gear so I hope that'll help our training not to pull all the time like mad. I also need to research food for him more. Right now he is on kibble, I've done some research and barf just seems like a lot of hassle compared to kibble. I know barf has a lot of benefits but him being my first dog I just don't feel confident experienced for barf. For the brand I chose is Acana, Orien is just to pricey for me. But I have a problem. The store I get it from stopped importing Acana and they offered alternative brands. The first one is Purizon and the second one is Wolf of the Wilderness. Purizons puppy food seems really similar to Acanas puppy and junior food I'm giving to Odin right now, it's grain free and 70% meat / 30% veggies. I don't know much about WotW so if anyone has some advice it would be much appreciated. And for the end of our introduction here is a photo of the lil' guy. I know the stuff I wrote is a mess but i have a lot to read and say right now so I don't know where to start. Thank you all for your time
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