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  1. 🛑Help🛑 I know I already posted something on this but I just went to the vet to weight him. so my dog is 23/24 inches to the shoulders and he weights a whopping 74 pounds he doesn’t look that fat but I’m not sure. Would it be fine to give him a cup less food? 1/2 less in the morning and 1/2 less at night?
  2. Thanks for the comment! Thanks I can feel his ribs Thanks for helping.. Although I can feel a ribs I think I can only feel one? He’s 23/24 inches and 74 pounds😬 but he doesn’t look that fat
  3. 🛑help🛑 Hey! I am feeding my dog the good amount of food and he gets walks and all that stuff but I’m still wondering if he is fat? Or if he’s just a little husky? Or if he’s fine?
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