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  1. Sorry spelled the food wrong, it is Nutro and Here is the link https://www.nutro.com/natural-dog-food/nutro#
  2. Help, We adopted a 3yo last week and it is becoming apparent that the previous owner fed her from the table. We cannot get her to eat her kibble, we are trying the high protein Nuturo and when we first bought it she took a couple of bites and that was it, we have tried mixing a can of wet in and a scrambled egg and nothing seems to work, she will go over and sniff it and then she walks away and lays down. But, as soon as we take a pan out to start cooking our dinner she is right there in the kitchen under foot intently staring at what we are making. We are starting to run out of ideas to get her to eat and we are getting a little worried that she is not eating. Help?
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