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  1. That’s awful. we installed the electric fence. And it took MONTHS of slow steady and PATIENT training to get them to understand the concept of approaching an invisible border with audible beeping, progressing to a light physical shock correction. i mean MONTHS. So to me, throwing a collar on, that they have never experienced with a sudden electrocution, just seems wrong to me. I wouldn’t do it to a pitbull, let alone a husky. god bless and good luck with the training
  2. I’m with you. 100%. and I sincerely hope it all works out. they are the most ridiculously amazing creatures on earth. and they deserve the freedom they crave.
  3. Yea. Personally not a fan of the e collar. we tried it with 2 huskies for about 6 months. it sucked. they don’t need that. I just feel like they are not the breed those things were made for. they’re free spirited Pack dogs that need to hunt and run and play rough and exercise constantly. I’m not saying it’s easy, but I’m sure you can find another route. stick with your plan as is, and try the e collar as a last resort. at least, that’s my opinion. what did they do in the 70s when the shock collars didn’t exist..... My point exactly. go with your gut. good luck
  4. Yea. I hear you. the videos here are normal. I’m 35 years old, on my 5th Husky. I’ve seen this a million times. Between sibling parent/child huskies. With that being said, the throat grabbing, is scary. I’ve only seen it a few times, when things were getting out of control. And I had to step in. But that was always over a bone, or treat or food. If it persists, I would keep looking into it. I’d love to see the video for a better idea, but I’m not your savior with all the answers. i definitely have a lot more experience with huskys than your average person, other than an actual breeder. 335A60E3-CEDC-42DC-BB74-8C2AB56D6698.MOV 6C058A72-1147-4CDC-9198-82824A0BF635.MOV
  5. We had a rough time getting used to “Husky Play” we had a Maltese and a pug. both tiny little rugrats. Our first Siberian husky, a nice sized black/white boy named Henrik (names after Henrik Lunquist the NYR goalie), used to play nice a gentle with the 2 small dogs. Then we got Stella. a female red/white Siberian Husky. air was a game changer. while Henrik was still gentle with the two little ones, we saw a WHOLE new side of him when he would play with Stella. Playful Growling, howling, and all the makings of 2 wolves fighting in the woods. They would stand on their hind legs and lunge at eachother, but it never got nasty. always playful, and an amazing sight to see such beautiful animals wrestling, raw, as if in the wild for survival, with a little love mixed in. MAGIC.....
  6. Wow. Sorry to hear. that’s awful news, but your attitude can help you deal with it. Remembering what an angel you had for such a short time. She was too good for this earth. we had a Male black/white boy named Henrik. He was my LIFE. when he was 2, we got him a sister from the same breeder. Not biological, but a pure bred Siberian none the less. They ADORED eachother to no end. As well as our pug and Maltese. One big happy family. In a short period when stella turned 2, and Henrik was 4, Henrik changed. he became lazy, lethargic, didn’t want to eat, and didn’t want to play with the other 3. All within a week or 2. obviously I knew something was up. to make a long story short, he went to the vet on December 20th, and was sent to a 24 hour hospital immediately. uh oh. i knew it was bad. he had no iron in his system, and they had to run a million tests. $6000, and 2 days later, they could not locate his kidneys. They had never developed from birth. apparently there was no signs, no way we could know, until it was too late. “Allegedly” on the 3rd day, which was December 23rd, he had a blood transfusion and another small procedure. when we went to the vet to see him, I literally died Inside. I get like my life was over. He wasn’t Henrik anymore. he did not want to move. didn’t want to lift his head, and seemed like he didn’t recognize us. Something happened to him at that animal hospital, and they had NO explanations for me. i took him home on December 24th, Christmas Eve, to spend time with his brothers and sisters and our newborn son. (His other brother). Late that night, On December 25th At 2:00 am, I had to rush him to another hospital to be put to sleep. ALLL Of our lives have changed since then. 58796B37-AA7E-4D4B-94C4-B1058270D1B9.MOV
  7. Siberian Huskies are simply the greatest thing ever created by god.... End of story

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