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  1. My husky Ty is 8months about to be 9 and the neighborhood I live in has many dogs in front and backyards. Every time he sees or hears another dog he becomes excited and frantic so he begins jumping,whining and pulling on the leash. I’m able to calm him down for a bit before having to walk a different direction, but like I said there’s dogs in almost every home .It’s becoming more and more difficult to control the bigger he gets.I thought bringing my older dog in the walks would help but it doesn’t and I always take him to dog parks to socialize so it’s not like he doesn’t see dogs regularly.I was wondering if anyone had tips to help control this behavior so our walks aren’t so much of a struggle.
  2. Thanks so much I was just a concerned I wasn’t feeding him enough but you’ve put my mind at ease!
  3. Hello My name is Mark and my husky is named Ty and I’m new to this site. I was wondering if he was to skinny and if I was feeding him enough. He’s 8 months old and last I checked he was 40+ pounds. I feed him 1 1/2 cups of food and I feed him twice a day. So every day I’d feed him 3 cups of food. Also his food is the Blue Buffalo Wilderness Puppy w/ chicken in the blue bag
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