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  1. Thanks. I’m wondering if she has a torn cruciatic tendon. I’m going to try and tubi grip her Joint and see how she goes. Problem is she’s a sock eater... 😂 so anything I put there if not secure will likely end up going through the system. 🤮
  2. Hi Jessica, She came with the usual (for here) vet check *note it’s his personal vet though 😒, two needles, microchip, puppy passport, sire lineage, and six months puppy insurance. I couldn’t give her back- she’s my baby. I’m looking In to other vets. Thanks
  3. 😂 she washes off in the sea most of the time..
  4. Hi everyone, I’m Kate have my fur baby -fifth gen husky who is just THE best girl ever. Anyway long story short- I find myself on here looking for advice as she’s currently limping real bad. I suspect our breeder knew- he had one pup back with a damaged leg, and Her and her sister were going cheap - apparently they had planned on showing her..but his wife was supposed to be pregnant so plans changed. 😒 I was just hoping to gain some insight into any other members with similar issues, I saw some posts I would like to go read so I joined up 😊
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