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  1. Hello... I have quite a big problem and am desprate for help. So, my 10 month old husky is extremely overexcited whenever she sees another dog, I swear, I can barerly see a dog in the distance but she will see it and act upon it and I immediately know what’s going on. It is no aggressive behavior, but she is extremely playful and wants to play. She pulls like crazy in his direction, if I were to let her she would storm off, she jumps up and keeps on her front paws, will not obey anything or even look at me, if I try to walk away she plants herself and will not move, I can only walk very slowly with my hands hurting because I have to pull her, meanwhile she will not cooperate and keep her head turned, staring at the dog. It is a very big problem to me because her strenght is immesurable, my whole body and especially my hands hurt like hell. Ever since I got her I’ve been working on socialization and I’ve never isolated her, but looking back I think I can see the mistake on my part, I did let her go greet most dogs, but perhaps I should’ve had a different approach to it? I have no clue on how this problem would be solved, and the things I have heard and tried were of no use because, as I said, she will not pay ANY attention to anything and go for the dog as if it’s the only and most important thing in the world. That said, if anyone’s experienced something similar or can offer any help, itms be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.
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