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    Retired - Ex HR Manager and staffing recruiter
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    Just retired as of Jan 10th! I've had several dogs in the past, two Bassett Hounds, a Shih--Tzu and Pomeranian (both passed away in 2017, the Shih-Tzu, MuShu, was 12 and the Pomeranian, Willie, was 10. We also have three cats. My wife and I both thought after mourning the loss of our boys for all of 2018 that getting another dog would be good for the both of us, and began our search for a Siberian. My wife had a Siberian and an Alaskan Malamute when she was young, and I had always admired the breed and read a couple of books about them, and decided a Siberian would be our next dog. We brought home Reno Jan 11th! Now starts the Siberian education!
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    Love motorcycles (BMWs) and saltwater aquariums. Also learning to play the bass guitar.
  1. I've been told by a couple of people that puppies often eat their own poop right after eliminating the waste. Is this common among Huskies? Any way to stop this behavior? Also, our 13 week old male suddenly stopped pooping outside last week. He will still poop outdoors when he needs to go out side after midnight, but has pretty much stopped going outside during the day. He will pee, but that's it. He will bite his own leash and shakes it side to side violently and will refuse to go in the direction I'm trying to get him to go. He will often just sit down, looking off in another dire
  2. Is it OK if I ask a stupid question?  What does TOTW stand for?  A brand of dog food?  I see it mentioned frequently in the feeding thread.

    John J in SC

    1. Shepsky5


      Taste of the Wild - a high-rated dog food brand.
      It's not as expensive as some of the other highly-rated brands...

      if you really want to "geek out" about dogfood, check out dogfoodadvisor.com...
      Lists recalls and recall dates, ingredients of the foods, gives ratings...

      Food is so individual though, you'll see have to see what works best for your pup!
      ( With mine, I found that chicken as the main ingredient, made his nose area itchy and patchy.)

    2. John J in SC

      John J in SC

      Thanks so much for the info! 👍

  3. I can use some good honest advice here. I don't know much about what brand works best and is most recommended, but I figure I can get some recommendations from you guys and gals with the experience! Also, is there a recommended treats to give for good behavior?
  4. Thanks, all! I have a bazillion questions ready to fire of to anyone bored enough to read stuff that's been asked so many time before, like recommendations for a puppy food. I'm prepared to do whatever it takes to get Reno crate-trained and housebroken. I'll get up with him every hour during the night if necessary. We live in the northwest corner of SC, so I don't think I'll have to worry too much about copperheads or gators!
  5. Hi, my wife Pattimarie and I will pick up our Husky baby Jan. 10th and are excited to start our Husky love affair! We've had a couple of small breeds (Pomeranian and Shih-Tzu) in the past that we kept for over 11 years before they passed away in 2017, and we mourned their loss until this past Christmas. I told Pattimarie I really wanted another dog, and she agreed that she was ready to love another dog as well. She had experience with a Siberian Husky when she was young, and said she loved it. I agreed that a Husky would make a fine choice for us. We started looking right after Christmas
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