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  1. I absolutely adore their names, and the pups are so cute!!! How did you get them to pose for a group shot? 😍
  2. Hey everyone, firstly, I hope everyone had an awesome holiday season, and a good start into the new year... ⭐ I am Scarlett, but am most commonly referred to as Scar, I am 20 and from South Africa. Me and my dad, Peter, have the privilege of currently housing 10 furbabies (1 horse, 4 cats and 5 gorgeous puppies). 🐎🐢🐱 My oldest rescue (pictured with the big smile and different coloured eyes) is called Anyu and is approximately 10 years old. Anyu loves going on runs and eating our neighbours rabbits (adjusted fencing has helped avoid more devastating losses to the bunny population)🐰
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