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  1. I absolutely adore their names, and the pups are so cute!!! How did you get them to pose for a group shot? 😍
  2. Hey everyone, firstly, I hope everyone had an awesome holiday season, and a good start into the new year... ⭐ I am Scarlett, but am most commonly referred to as Scar, I am 20 and from South Africa. Me and my dad, Peter, have the privilege of currently housing 10 furbabies (1 horse, 4 cats and 5 gorgeous puppies). 🐎🐢🐱 My oldest rescue (pictured with the big smile and different coloured eyes) is called Anyu and is approximately 10 years old. Anyu loves going on runs and eating our neighbours rabbits (adjusted fencing has helped avoid more devastating losses to the bunny population)🐰 Layla, the smaller husky on the left, also a rescue, suffers from major insecurities which we are still trying to ease, however, she is most likely our strongest husky and definitely the fastest. Her favorite time is couch time and swim time. Layla is about 5-6 years old now. 🌬 The youngest guy is called Siku (pronounced 'Shiku') and was our christmas miracle from our South African Husky Rescue center, due to apparent rough handling pre-surrender, he is definitely lacking in confidence, but coming along faster than a bullet. Currently he is in an open relationship with chicken viennas and he has just reached 13 weeks of age, marking his second week in our care.πŸ•― Our small dogs are both not pictured (most of my pictures are stored elsewhere), their names are Ella and Cherry B. Ella is a Toy Pom, who is approximately 14 years old and extremely tired of our huskies' energy. πŸ™„ Cherry B is an 8 year old rescue Pekingese, who is about 98% blind (she can sometimes see differences in light) and is definitely the boss dog. 😎 If I could only chose a few of the most prominent lessons I have learnt from my huskies, they would be patience, understanding and to always make double sure that my double gating system is intact and foolproof (as possible). πŸ˜‚
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