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  1. The incision sight is red, and warm but not hot like an infection would be. I keep it very clean, and free of dirt and germs as much as possible. She’s not really licking it and the other dogs haven’t even attempted to sniff at her wound. I know it’s not a small cut, as I do have another spayed female in my home. I’m thinking that perhaps she’s just taking this harder than my other female did. She seems a little bit better today, still anxious and fearful but not as aggressive as she had been earlier this week. We have a call into the vet and are just waiting on a response.
  2. I had the same thought. She was on pain meds for the recommended amount of time and then added pain meds afterwards because it seemed as though she was still bothered. It’s been a week and she’s gone from a sweet loving dog to an aggressive anxious one. Incision sight is red, but not oozing swollen and has no smell, and we keep it very clean, and watch her to make sure she isn’t after it. I’ve talked to the vet, she said to call today if she is still behaving strangely and that we would have to bring her in. What are they going to do though? Is this a problem they can fix or help ease? I am at
  3. Hello everyone. This is Maya, and she is 1 year and 10 months old. We had planned on using Maya as a breeding female for our small scale kennel we have, but after considering her size and her aversion to the only available stud we currently have we decided to get her spayed. She underwent the operation last Thursday and she has been a nightmare since then. She’s aggressive towards the rest of our dogs, and sits on the sofa screaming every time one of them moves or snaps at them when they walk past her. She has never been afraid of the rest of the pack before, and now acts timid and pees when t
  4. Okay awesome. I ordered him an itch relief from Natural dog company that will be here tomorrow to buy me some time till his supplements get here and I switched him to a predominately raw diet. Hoping to at least ease his discomfort till his new supplements arrive and I can start treating him. Also looking into some Holistic vets in my area. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.snowdog.guru/correcting-zinc-deficiency-in-huskies/amp/ also anyone looking to supplement some extra since into their snow angels diet to prevent my current nightmare here’s an interesting read for all!
  5. Thanks for the responses. He is on Nutrived which is a zinc supplement but it’s really hard to get him to take them so I’m gonna try a cream instead. Any suggestions for a zinc based cream???
  6. Thank you for replying. Let me give you a quick bit of background on chance. He’s a puppy mill puppy. I found him covered in urine and feces at a puppy broker in Amish country, Pennsylvania. He’s had a pretty rough start and he’s super anxious and has a lot of problems but this is by far the worst. This has happened to him before and it’s hard to get him to take medication, which is no surprise since we’ve been making him take pills practically his whole life. While since deficiency was discussed with my vet she didn’t seem to know much about it. None of them did. I’m tying to move further awa
  7. I’m hoping someone out there can help me. This is Chance and he is almost 3 years old. We have been fighting a losing battle with Atopic Dermatitis since he was 5 months old. He’s had biopsy’s, bloodwork, and been on more medication than I can count. He’s seen 3 different veterinarians, been on rounds of steroids, keflex, antifungals, anxiety meds, and others. Nothing has made any difference. He’s in pain and it’s breaking my heart. I’m a seasoned husky owner but I’ve never seen anything like this. I hope someone somewhere out there has an answer or has delt with a similar solution. I don’t kn
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