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  1. That’s what I’m hoping for. It just surprised me because I’ve never seen this before. I’ve raised 3 yorkies, a husky/Pyrenees mix, had a husky puppy until 6 months, an eskie, and never seen this before. I was wondering what it was and what to do. I appreciate the input. So far what I’ve observed is that everyone has calmed down and Hannah is more relaxed. Now she tries to play with Bella and Bella’s like “wait a minute, didn’t you get snippy with me?” Bella is much more balanced around Hannah and if Hannah tries to get too rough Bella lets her know. I’m letting them work it out (unless it’s what I saw last night). Things are way better today! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. So I just got done with her at my vet and he thinks it was resource guarding (I was the resource) and I agree. That’s what thought after giving it some time. The times she reacted that way towards Bella was when she was around my feet. I know it’s crazy for her right now. He recommended that when I give them attention to do them at the same time. She’s so shy and I don’t think I’ve ever had a puppy this shy. I’m definitely planning on socializing her for sure! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Hi, I just got a new husky puppy this evening. She’s pretty shy but is settling in. I don’t have a name yet but the breeder called her Hannah. She’s so pretty! But I have a question: I have a Yorkie who is curious but a bit enthusiastic. Hannah has growled a few times at Bella when she approaches. Hannah lunged at her and I think she was showing her teeth. With all of the puppies I’ve raised I’ve never seen this before. I know everything in Hannah’s world has turned upside down but I want to ensure that Hannah gets along with Bella as well as Miska (my husky/Pyrenees mix). What am I to make of this? What should be my response? Thanks! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. That looks like it’s a pretty good book. I may order that. I think I heard by Zak George that the mental stimulation can wear them out and that’s a good thing. After my first two yorkies (both are gone now), I didn’t do much training with the rest of my dogs. So this should be good for all of them. My Miska Bear started understanding sit and she’s about 6 now. Thanks! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Thanks for your help. Yes, the breeder was helpful. She recommended one of the females that she described as “shy”. I asked if this particular female was calm and submissive and she agreed that she was. I agree from what I saw. Between the two girls, the one I picked was more calm. This is the girl I went with. There were two nearly black huskies in the litter and three that were lighter dirty faced...all were very pretty. Someone else picked the black one with blue eyes. The dam is a reddish colored husky and the sire is dark like this one. I appreciate everyone's help!
  6. Hi, I plan on getting a husky puppy soon and I’m no stranger to dogs. I have a husky/Pyrenees mix and a yorkie now but I am pretty rusty on current training techniques. I have to admit that I didn’t train the two I have now but they are relatively well behaved (except for jumping on me, but I’m beginning to work on that). Both are very laid back and love to please, thankfully. They are non-aggressive towards people and other dogs. I can’t say the same thing about wild rabbits that might show up in my backyard though. Anyway I recently learned that alpha rolling is a no-no and I started researching techniques that do work. It’s not something I used very much and thankfully I haven’t seen any signs of harm that it caused. Is there an all-inclusive resource like books that you would recommend on current techniques that do work? Thanks! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Thanks all for the replies. It seems that a submissive male would probably be the least risky even though I prefer a female. I’d rather have peace than risk having problems. It’s just hard to turn down an agouti that’s mostly black and the males from this litter are a little lighter in color. But all are beautiful. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. I get to visit Friday/Saturday so I plan on watching them and talking to the breeder. She already knows I want a non-dominant dog. Thanks all for the comments! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Lol, that’s a cute husky! Okay I see what you’re saying. I’ve not had to deal much with an alpha but I feel confident that I could handle one. I figured a puppy plus training plus positive experiences and loving correction can go a long way towards having a peaceful pack. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Is observance better in determining dominance of a puppy? What should I look for?
  11. Thanks for the responses. The two I have now would probably do well with either a male or female. They’ve gotten along with both on the past. I used to have a blind male husky and they got along with him plus a male yorkie. But, I’ve also had several female dogs too. But I’ve gradually gotten down to two and felt ready to add another. I think it’ll boil down how the puppy behaves. I just hope I get a beta and not an alpha. I’ve read that you can temperament test them by rolling them on the back and observe how they behave. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Hi, I’m new here and I’m looking to get a husky puppy to add to my pack. I currently have a female Yorkie (Isabella) and a female husky/Pyrenees mix (Miska) who get along great. Both are betas, thankfully. Isabella was around before Miska and I got her around 8 weeks old thankfully. I figured that this would ensure that she would get along with her and the other yorkies I had at the time. Isabella is about 9 years old and Miska is about 5 or 6 years old now. Miska is so patient with Isabella and I can’t ever remember her having a problem with Isabella. She’s kind of guards with her food but she’s not aggressive. She’s very gentle and has more Pyrenees traits than husky...but she loves to exercise and roughhouse. Anyway, I’ve been reading about possible same sex issues with huskies. I put a deposit down on a puppy from a reputable breeder and have the choice to get a male or a female...and I want a female. After reading about people’s experiences with two females it has me concerned. Several years ago, I had a male husky puppy that started fighting when he got to be 6 months old and I had to get him adopted (had too many then anyway). So I know it can go both ways. Do y’all have any recommendations? Should I consider a male over a female? Or, is it possible to “test” a female for dominance (like rolling them over) to get an idea of alpha/beta? I appreciate your input. Thanks!

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