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  1. I agree, they are. Kira learned from day one. However, once they go on pads, it's hard to get them NOT to go indoors, and we have other dogs too...
  2. So Kira is now 19 weeks old. At 16 weeks, we started housebreak training her. We employed the "How to Housebreak your Dog in 7 Days" method. She has not gone poo in the house since, but we are having increasingly difficult piddle issues, and her peeing in the crate with the door open while staring at us issues. We still maintain the same schedule, with the addition of water available at any time. She sleeps fine through the night, except that twice this week she had gone pee and absorbed it in her coat before she was let out in the morning. When she is being let out, or right after coming back in, she will either pee in the kitchen or zig-zag walk and pee with people in the room. If scolded, she will go to her crate, and if we are looking at her, pee in her crate with the door open. Most of the time, she has to be carried out, to avoid peeing outside the apartment, in the elevator, or in the common areas below. Some considerations/background: 1. Her crate is currently sized (with a divider) just big enough got het to stand, turn around, and sleep in. 2. She WAS pad-trained for the first 13 weeks (she actually learned in ONE day), so that might be confusing her. She never had an accident outside a pad since after the first day. However, we currently have NO Pads around, except inside the puppy play-pen for our bulldog (just hin in there) who starts crate-training next week. 3. This is our first female dog, so for whatever reason, instead of starting crate with playpen training, to then reduce to crate-training at 16 weeks, my wife let her sleep in our room for the first 2-3 weeks (she would sleep under the bed). 4. For the same reasons as number 3 above, she used to be allowed to follow us around the house before, since she was really good about only using the pads, but after removing the pads, she is kept mostly in the kitchen, although there is ALWAYS someone in the kitchen. She does get crated for 2-3 hours a day, when wen can't directly watch her, but still, there is always someone in the house, and there are 2 dogs (her and another)/ in the same room. 5. I used to spend about an hour (split-up) a day training her to do tricks, and I think I am her favorite, but now see her only in the mornings while having breakfast, and at night, since I am working more, but my wife and kids do play with her and spend time with her all day. 6. Although she plays A LOT with the bulldog, and they get along great (the will sometimes share a crate with the door open by choosing to go in there together, will play with and share toys, will romp around the room with each other, etc., I have noticed her growl at him twice (he bothers her a lot as well), and once at my daughter, though we aren't sure she was growling at her or at our bulldog that was nearby). She growled at me once, but although it was guttural, she didn't have te attack look. 7. She is a submissive dog in that she was a lot of submissive urination happen when someone comes into the house, when someone pets her, when she is excited to see some of us, etc. However, when she sees other huskies, her hairs on her back stand up and she growls, but not with other dogs. Except once, at the vet, when a yorkie was barking at my son, and she went to where my sion was and got between the yorkie and him, and the hairs on her back stood and she growled and bared her teeth at the yorkie to defend my son. 8. We live in an apartment, high floor. But the apartment is very spacious. 9. She does not have a urinary tract infection or other diagnosed disease. 10. She eats well and devour her food (now Orijen, since we switched from TOWT, which she didn't seem to like - but this hasn't affected the issue. 11. Supposedly, while in-training, it's downstairs for potty, then right back up. We have recently started walking her as well after potty, once day, and she comes back beat tired, but this has had no change on the issue. What we are missing? It's not really accidents. - this seems behavioral. Or is she just a very anxious/nervous dog, and if so, how to solve that? My wife did just bring her into my room to see if it was part of the issue. She came right up to me, licked me, laid down next to me, and fell asleep. Here she is in my room now, sleeping next to me.
  3. We already got her for Christmas. I mentioned at the beginning of the post that there wasn't much choice down here. Thanks.
  4. I meant physical traits, like are they limited in hiw they will end up looking (other than color and markings) by what their parents look like (i.e. ear shape and size, snout shape and length, etc.)
  5. Thanks BingBlaze n Skyla and 2Huskyfun for the posts and pics! Amazing how much they change. Yours are very beautiful. Do puppies ALWAYS end up looking like their parents? Her parents are short-coated, long-eared, and long-snouted, although the grandfather (as per a supposed picture of him) was proportionate.
  6. But your gray one had that teddy bear plush look! Her ears were small in that pic. I hope Kira's doesn't get proportionately bigger!
  7. Here are some more recent pictures of "Kira" (that's what we named her). I still think her muzzle, her ears, and her head shape look different from all Husky pictures I have googled? Also, a lot of articles and pictures talk about / show fluffy / puffy puppy coats (they like teddy bears). Kira does not. Not sure if this last issue is due to her having been born into a tropical climate. So far she is really low energy and sleeps a lot.
  8. Thanks. New HUsky "daddy" though Thanks! She did seem more attentive and at ease than the other one, when we first held her. You know, she sometimes has her ears more to the sides, like in this pic. Is that nomal?
  9. He did not, but we also didn't ask. Already went to the vet and the vet did a standard blood test and looked her over. It all checks out. They didn't have an issue with us going to the house, we just met halfway because of the distance. Either way, only the mom would have been there. They did give us the vaccine card. Anything else we should look for/do?
  10. So the guy was pretty far and ended up driving halfway. We asked him to bring the first and the second. We ended up getting the second. In person, she is bigger, felt more comfortable with us, and was also way more beautiful.
  11. But what about that de-pigmentation? Even if the third one has the best personality, I still want one of the black ones...
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