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  1. Posted an intro. Basically we've had a husky for 3 weeks. I grew up with many dogs - puppies through rescues. So far our pup is low maintenance - but I'm still learning about this breed. He's docile indoors, loves doggy day care and other dogs, but there are some issues. My fiancee has a cat, but he has a strong prey drive - good lord he is fast. He's killed a couple squirrels before we can blink and eyes our cat like it's a nice lunch. We definitely keep them separated. Is there any hope for coexistence? He's two, and I don't want to ruin him with excessive training, if that exists. He also has separation anxiety and can't be alone (we never leave him home alone for longer than an hour). He loves other dogs and running off leash in fenced back yards/dog parks. Continuing to work on his anxiety but if that can't be helped, well I'll just keep paying for daycare. Let me know if there's any hope for accepting the cat as anything other than prey, though.
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    I (fiancee and myself) recently adopted a husky from a local animal shelter. We're still learning about him!
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