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  1. Welcome! love your girl, she is beautiful!
  2. Thanks everyone. Consigned it to “the cupboard of useless ideas”!!
  3. They aren’t blades like a furminator - more like flat hooks that don’t have a point or sharp edge.
  4. Hi everyone, the OH has just arrived home with a detangling tool like the one pictured. I am a little cautious about using it. Will it damage Nova’s coat? anyone have any experience with them? TIA
  5. I was wondering what you guys do about feeding when you go camping without access to a freezer?
  6. It’s an infection of some sort so given a week of antibiotics and hibiscrub to bathe with & come back if it isn’t better after a week. Thanks gor for the advice everyone!
  7. Thanks everyone! He’s booked into the vet tomorrow morning. Excuse my ignorance but what is bag balm?
  8. Just noticed this on Nova this morning. No idea what may have caused it. Any ideas on how I should treat it? thanks!
  9. Can’t imagine the pain that you must be feeling. Truly sorry for your loss.
  10. Just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Neil & I have just adopted an 18 month old called Nova. New to huskies but not to northern breeds as we previously had a samoyed. Looking forward to to meeting you all!
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