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  1. thank you I will try that if you have any types please let me know, for now i will google that term to find a good harness.
  2. Thank you for letting me on this nice forum. I have two siberian huskies, they are from Russia and I love them. One is two years old another is one. I look forward to posting and learning. Gwen
  3. Hello, I am having the same problem my husky pulling, i have a nylon collar. He pulled me so much recently that I fell. Please help. 😂😊 My friend told me to get a large harness since he said it stopped his dog from pulling , however I was told by my Mom that this will only encourage him to pull more. Here is the link to the Large Leather Dog Harness my friend has, please help, before I spend a lot on this recommended harness. Thanks Gwen
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