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  1. Thank you very much. I've contacted one woman close by who is highly recommended so fingers crossed she can shine some light on this odd behaviour. The thing with dave is he's a very attached dog, has been since I brought him home his old owners were another young couple who seemed to love him her much till...they had a baby. Their son was 3 weeks old which seems to point even more to his bad experiences surrounding pregnancy and babies etc. Because of this he has always had separation anxiety with my self. In the 5 years I've been his mama I've left him twice for trips away and both times he
  2. That's what I'm frightened of because rehoming just isnt an option for us. He's my world literally. The vet just seems to want to keep giving him antibiotics and the cone but that's not dealing with the issue at hand. I know it sounds daft but he is clearly worked up about something for him to constantly be doing it. The things that spring to mind are the fact that this isn't my 1st pregnancy I've had multiple miscarriages previously to the point me and my husband had to seek fertility advice and during those miscarriages dave was my rock he never left my side for the weeks it took me to recov
  3. Hi everyone I am the proudest owner of dave my 6 year old husky cross german shepherd. He's my baby in every sense of the word and has been since the day we got him at 11 monthd old. The problem is he has developed a sore in his right paw. I obviously took him to the vets which did general checks and said it was an anxiety sore caused by excessive licking...he asked at the time which was 4 months ago if any big changes had occurred which they hadn't untill I found out a week later I'm pregnant wot h our first child. So this is what I'm assuming has caused him to feel anxious...we gave him a
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