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  1. Thank you all so much! Night times are a breeze compared to the first 3 nights now. We are in our bedroom with her and a smaller crate and she is fine with it. We have set alarms every 2 hours for toilet and she lets us know with a small cry or tap on the crate. She understands sit and leave but is already testing us as she comes straight over for a treat when we praise her, but we’re alternating treats and praise fusses, when she only gets fusses she goes back to doing it so we put her in time out. Cant wait to take her out on walks to burn off some of her energy, but she has anot
  2. Hi thanks for having us! Myself and fiancé have recently got our baby girl Rusty. She was 8 weeks when we got her, and comes from a litter of 6. I’ve been an admirer of huskies from a distance for many many years now, and finally ground the fiancé down into getting one. We already have a Staffy cross he is my partners from the rescue. But we’re keen to say hello and thank you for having us!
  3. Advice please 😢 our little girl Rusty is having a hard time in her crate at night and when the crate door is locked when sleeping in the day.When the crate door is locked she scratches and chews the bars but worse is she keeps messing even when she’s been for a wee and poop before going in the crate. We’ve tried last night for the first night to leave her be after 4 nearly sleepless nights, but coming down every 2 hours as per her toilet schedule we’ve made note of, to let her out for a toilet and reassure her we are still here and it’s ok. We don’t praise her when she comes out of the crate.
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