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  1. Hi guys, just looking for a bit of advice. We are just in the process of setting routine for or 18month rescue and I’m trying to decide if it’s best to feed him before or after his walks. I know you need to leave it for 1hr either but does anyone know which way round works best? Thanks 😊
  2. He is very cute, but not vaccinated, flea, wormed and underweight! He has a bit of separation anxiety at the moment which we need to see a trainer/behavioral specialist next week about. I am having an issue getting him to eat anything, he hasnt eaten anything for three days except a 375g pack of beef strips which he stole off the kitchen side whilst we were out. He sticks his nose up at the dry food we were given with him and we didnt want to change his food until he settled a bit more but might have to. I am reading a lot about a RAW diet being better for them, the vet suggeste
  3. Hello all, My husband and I have just re-homed a lovely 18month male Husky called Duke, we are new to the breed with background research done before hand. He hasnt had the best start in life and hope that we can give him everything he needs to be happy.
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